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    The Early Years

    Special Agent Fox William Mulder was born on the 13th of October 1961 in Massachusetts, New England. His parents were William (Bill) and Teena Mulder. When he was four years old his parents had his sister (Samantha). In the summer Fox and his family would go to a cabin in Rhode Island, there his father and C.G.B. Spender (Cancer Man) would go water skiing together on the lake.

    Fox would wake up from nightmares feeling like he was the only person left in the world. The sound of his father crunching on sunflower seeds was the only thing that proved that he was not alone.

    One day when Fox was climbing a tree he was scared be a praying mantis. Ever since then he has been afraid of insects. Fox also developed a crippling fear of fire when his best friend’s house burned down and they had to stay up all night guarding the rubble against looters. Later, Mulder confronted this fear when he was involved in a case which his old friend from England, Phoebe Green needed his help.

    When he was young Mulder used to dress up as Spock from Star Trek. His father recorded videos of him playing with Samantha.

    A Turning Point

    November 27th 1973; Samantha Mulder is abducted from her home. That night would send Fox into a whirlwind life that would change the live of so many.

    Their parents had gone to a neighbor’s house and Fox was babysitting. Fox was only twelve at the time and Samantha was eight. He and Samantha were playing the board game Stratego and arguing over who got to watch what on TV.

    Suddenly all of the electricity shuts off, the house began to shake and a blinding bright light pierced through the edges of the front door. Mulder does not remember much but what he does remember is Samantha floating out the window and disappearing into a bright light.

    Months went by, months full of Mulder putting up fliers all over his neighborhood in hopes on anyone having any news on her whereabouts. But that never happened. He would always close his eyes before entering his room. He did this in the hopes that one day he would open them to see Samantha there. But nothing!

    X-40253. That was Samantha’s X-File number but for all intensive purposes it was X-File number one. You see it was Mulder's belief that Samantha had been taken by aliens. And that is what drove him to investigate The X Files, hoping to find answers within them. He opened the X-File himself.

    For 15 or so years Mulder dealt with the pain of his sister’s disappearance until in 1989 when Mulder underwent hypnotic regression to try and obtain a clearer memory of what happened the night Samantha was taken. The memories he uncovered at that session were later brought into to question by Special Agent Lewis Schoniger who believed that Mulder had created these memories to alleviate his guilt over not being able to prevent Samantha's abduction.

    In 1997, Mulder had a dream that lead him to the body of victim number fourteen of a serial killer of children, John Lee Roche, who had been active the area where they lived when Samantha was taken. Roche implied that Samantha may have been one of his victims and tried to get Mulder to have him released. He told Mulder he had sold his father a Hoover, Mulder later found the Hoover in his mother's house.

    Roche took heart shaped cutting of the night gowns the girls were wearing. Two of which had remained unclaimed. Mulder tried to get his mother to remember if Samantha had clothes like either heart, but she wasn't able to. Roche escaped from prison and kidnapped a young girl, to save the girl Mulder shot and killed Roche. So it was never clear if Roche had killed Samantha or not. Another dead end.

    In 2000, Mulder believed he had finally found closure over what happened to Samantha. He was contacted by a psychic named Harold Piller, while investigating the case of a girl who apparently disappeared without a trace. Piller believed in a phenomenon where children who would suffer a painful life were taken by angel type creatures, called 'walk-ins'. Mulder later saw an apparition of Samantha at age fourteen. Samantha had been treated in hospital from the effects of brutal tests that had been performed on her. She would only let one nurse touch her, Nurse Ray and she told Mulder that Samantha had disappeared from her room before the men who came to take her could get to her.

    In 2002, Jeffrey Spender said that Mulder's memories were in fact true and that Samantha had been returned and taken many times and had been raised with Jeffrey in California. She underwent horrific tests each time and eventually died in 1987, at age 22. A sad end to a horrible ordeal.

    Mulder's Start in the World

    Mulder went to the University of Oxford from 1983 until 1986. He excelled at all of his classes and he eventually graduated with a BA in Psychology. During this time is when he met Phoebe Green. The two became great friends which blossomed into a relationship that Mulder himself say took him ten years to get passed the loss of that relationship. Phoebe Green later became an Inspector at Scotland Yard in London, England. Phoebe asked for Mulder’s assistance in a case that she was working on that was involving fire. She knew that it would deeply affect Mulder due to his fear of fire.

    When he came home from England, Mulder joined the FBI. After he graduated from Quantico’s FBI training academy. He first trained under Bill Patterson in the Investigative Support Unit. Patterson was a very strict individual. Patterson would later become so wrapped up in a case that he was working on that he himself became a crazed serial killer!

    "Serial Killers and the Occult"; that was the title of the paper that Mulder wrote while in Oxford. And in 1988 the FBI used that paper to help captured Monty Props. And for this reason (among others) it is said that Mulder has one of the greatest analytical mind in the Bureau. Mulder was starting to gain quite a reputation.

    In 1988 Mulder was promoted to the Violent Crimes Section. During his time here is when Mulder took part in the task force that was set up to capture John Barnett. Mulder used his brilliant mind to conclude that Barnett actually had an inside man that helped him with robberies. So they set up a trap for Barnett, Mulder would play a vital role in the outcome.

    When the trap was “sprung” Barnett took a hostage. Mulder had a clear shot to take Barnett out, but because FBI protocol was to not shot at a suspect while a hostage is in the area, Mulder did not take the shot. That choice resulted in the death of Barnett’s partner as well as the death of an FBI agent. Mulder has been letting that that memory eat at him ever since.

    In 1989 Mulder met a trio of gentlemen that would become Mulder’s best friends (or the closest things that he could ever consider to be friends) The Lone Gunmen! Mulder was working on the case of Suzanne Modeski. And it just so happens that the Gunmen themselves were also working on a case. But their case was very different then Mulder’s. Mulder was trying to apprehend Modeski whereas the Gunmen were trying to help/save her.

    Modeski had stolen some information about the government conducting secret experiments on the public to test some chemical agents. The Lone Gunmen has become connected with Modeski through several lies that she had told them. A long story short Mulder ended up being knocked out by the chemical agents that the government was testing out. Once he was clear headed again, Mulder had a crazy distrust for the American government and now aligned with three other guys with the same level of distrust he was off and running.

    The Truth

    In 1990 Fox Mulder discovered The X Files. He worked on everything he could find in the FBI files on the paranormal, the occult and alien abductions. He read every case that was in the files before he took over. He read them several times. In fact he read them so much that he saved all of the details to memory. This only further led to the “spooky Mulder” image.

    Agent Dana Scully was assigned to work with Mulder on The X Files in 1993. She was sent to “debunk” the X-Files and even spy on Fox himself. Scully was to bring a scientific mind to the X-Files. For years they worked together and during this time they had dealt with the paranormal in all manner of cases. They even tried to uncover a complex conspiracy involving a group of high powered men known as the Syndicate and extra-terrestrials. Scully became Mulder's friend and ally over this time, and in fact gave birth to Mulder’s child.

    Are there such things as aliens? If so what do they want? And what part does the group the Syndicate play in all of this? These are just some of what Mulder and Scully had to slowly piece together one grueling piece at a time.

    During their investigations they learned that the aliens had plans to colonize the planet Earth. They even found what the date was that the aliens intended to do invade; December 22, 2012. They route that the aliens had plan to use for the invasions was to infect the some of if not the entire population with a substance know as “black oil”. That black oil is what carried the alien virus.

    But luckily for everyone there was a vaccine created and the people in the Syndicate are those who developed it. They did so in extreme secrecy so to not let to aliens know of there plans. The aliens had given the syndicate an alien embryo to develop an alien/human hybrid, but instead the syndicate used it to also make the vaccine.

    The Syndicate succeeded in creating the first alien/human hybrid. Her name was Cassandra Spender. She was now immune to the alien colonization. The plan was that once they had successfully created a hybrid they would present it to the colonists. The Syndicate’s families would in turn be made hybrids too so that they themselves would also be able to survive colonization. This had been the plan since 1973 when they made the deal with the aliens.

    Years later when Mulder met Cassandra she asked Mulder to kill her because she knew that whenever her existence was revealed to the alien colonists, colonization would begin.

    That never happened though because Cassandra was killed by a group of alien rebels. The rebels were trying to stop the colonization. Those rebels also killed the Syndicate. The rebels had set a trap for all of them. Cassandra as well as the Syndicate believed that they were meeting to alien colonists to show them Cassandra, but it was the rebels instead because the rebels also knew that if the colonists knew about Cassandra they would begin colonization. The rebels had also killed other groups of alien abductees.

    But what about the commonly know “grey aliens”? Well I’m glad you asked. The alien colonists and The Syndicate had also created a virus that could be transmitted though bees. The bees collected infected pollen and then when these bees would sting humans those humans would themselves become infected.

    The infected human would become basically an incubation chamber for the alien. After time all of the human’s body matter would be consumed and that is when the alien would burst out of the body and out would come a newborn “grey alien”.

    But Mulder is not above having his fair share of trouble. After all these years and all these cases and close escapes and near death experiences, Mulder himself was abducted. The FBI set up a task force to find Mulder but they had no success. But then after over a year Mulder was found….dead!

    But all hope was not lost however because Scully and her new partner Agent John Doggett then discovered that other abductees that were found dead later came back to life and so, three months after his burial Scully had Mulder’s body exhumed.

    Mulder eventually did recover. Soon he had to go into hiding. But before he did get to see his son William. He had to do into hiding because he was being persued by the people involved in the conspiracy.

    Two years later Mulder finally came out of hiding. And soon he was on trail for the murder of Nowle Rohrer. But the funny thing is that Nowle Rohrer could not be dead because he was a super soldier alien with a skeleton made of metal. The super solider can even regenerate skin, muscles and bones that have been separated.

    At the trial Mulder was represented by ADA Skinner. And even if Skinner has absolutely no experience as an attorney Mulder said that Skinner was one of the only people that he could trust. Unforutantaly Mulder was found guilty and he was sentenced to death!

    To and to avoid that Skinner, Dana Scully, Doggett, Monica Reyes and ADA Alvin Kersch all helped Mulder to escape. Mulder then lefts with Scully and went on the run so that they would not be killed.

    And that was the last time that anyone has seen or heard from them…

    The Mulder Family

    Mulder’s family had stories and a somewhat dark past all to themselves. Take Mulder's father for example. He had been employed by the state department for many years. In fact he had worked on an X-File himself back years before Mulder had ever found the X-Files. Mulder’s father was also involved with the Syndicate. He also knew the Cancer Man for years.

    Mulder’s father then asked Mulder's mother to choose between Mulder and his sister. But just as any good mother she could not. So William Mulder made the choice…..It would be Samantha that they would give up. Just as all the members of the Syndicate had to give up a member of their family as sign of good faith in their deal with the aliens.

    After the “abduction” of Samantha the family could never rebound. It soon completely tore the family apart. There was no way the Teena Mulder could ever forgive William for the choice to give up Methane. This decision and the repercussions eventually led to a divorce.

    The Syndicate was a very paranoid group of people. So paranoid in fact that they would kill to keep there secret. This was the case when the hired Alex Krycek to murder William Mulder in 1994. They murdered him to prevent him from telling Fox all the secrets about the Syndicate and the deal with the aliens.

    In 1999 Teena Mulder was diagnosed with a terminal disease and rather then face the extreme pain she decided it best that she commits suicide. She died having never told Fox about the horrible past or what happened to Samantha.

    For years it had been many times implied that Teena Mulder had an affair with Cancer Man and he Cancer man was actually Fox’s father! Though to be fair this was never proved to be a fact.


    There is one more member of the Mulder family….William. Not Fox’s dad but Fox’s son! No one knows exactly how Scully became pregnant but it is certain that Mulder is the father. Scully had tried in vitro fertilization once after Mulder found Scully's ova, frozen in a lab. Naturally Scully asked Mulder to be the father and he agreed. But unfortunately the procedure was not a success.

    Some time later it was implied that Mulder and Scully had sex. So maybe that was how Scully became pregnant, but it still is unclear how the pregnancy came about.

    Scully’s pregnancy was far from stress free. There were several groups after them. Of course the Syndicate wanted him. There was also a cult who believed that William needed to be sacrificed.

    William was born in 2001 in Georgia. Dogget sent them Reyes and Scully there because he thought they would be safe there Reye helped Scully with the birth. When Mulder arrived there Scully told Mulder she named William after his father. Funny enough though Scully’s father’s name was also William.

    The first time that Mulder saw his son he joked that the baby looked suspiciously like ADA Skinner. Unfortunately Mulder didn't get to spend much time with his son because he had to go into hiding. That just wrecked Mulder. While in prison all he could think was Scully and how much he wanted to see his sin. Scully eventually gave William up for adoption. She believed it was the safest thing for him. The parents that took William seemed very nice and normal.


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