Mulan Kato

    Character » Mulan Kato appears in 82 issues.

    Daughter of Hayashi Kato and partner to the New Green Hornet, Britt Reid Jr.

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    Daughter of the Green Hornet's sidekick Kato, Mulan is just as dangerous and skilled as her father. She was trained from birth to defeat the enemies of the Green Hornet in the circumstance that his identity would be compromised. But it was not this that drove her to succeed. She swore vengeance against Hirohito Juuma, the man who killed her mother, Sayomi.

    Impetuous at first, Mulan was nearly killed when she went on her own to try and take out Juuma. After this, her father trained her harder than ever to become a fighting machine. After her training, Mulan was allowed to leave for Century City and begin her stakeout of Juuma for her and her father's revenge.

    Mulan is trained in 486 forms of hand to hand combat and can expertly wield 113 different weapons. After Juuma killed the original Green Hornet, Mulan, her father and their cousin Clutch took up the work of the Green Hornet. His son, Britt Reid Jr., also took up his fathers mantle. The relationship was rocky at first, but the pair learned to work together as a team. Mulan also assisted in Britt's training.

    Major Story Arcs


    After Mulan and Britt get done erecting a statue of Britt Reid Sr, the duo go down to Baltic Ave to rough up a drug dealer that has seemed to disobey their orders to leave the area. When Britt gets a hold of the dealer he is shot by a sniper. Mulan rushes to take the sniper out but is surprised when he leaps off the building and lucky survives a fall that would normally be lethal. After heading back to Britt's apartment to get a change of cloths, Mulan discovers that her father will be leaving for Japan to talk with the Juuma family about leaving Century City alone.

    Later that night, Mulan and Britt stop a truck hijacking, by the Los Hijos de la Muerte, the same gang that shot Britt earlier. But this time Britt is injured and captured by the police and Lt.Chritton. Mulan uses the tracking devise in Britt's suit to find him and learns that Lt. Chritton and Britt have made a deal to work together. Mulan agrees with this but believes that Britt is slipping in his fighting and tries to train him respect the violence not the opponent. The two then track a man to the Los Hijio's hideout and split up. Mulan finds the ring leader Padre Benedicto but before she can capture him the statue of Santa Muerte comes to life and Mulan gets shot. Britt then has to rush her to the hospital where she lost her spleen and a lot of blood. While she is in a coma, Britt goes off to find Benedicto and avenge her.

    Red Hand

    Mulan is kidnapped from her hospital bed and wakes up in an old abandoned dress factory and store. On a monitor in front of her is video feed of her father tied up on the roof. Mulan races up the stairs, still drugged and groggy. She then faces six floors of traps and warriors to get to the roof, where her father is revealed to be Redhand in disguise. He is able to easily defeat a beat-up and still recovering Mulan.

    When she wakes up she is now chained up with Britt, who is also kidnapped by the Redhand, and forced to watch Redhand beat up her father, Kato. Once Redhand is done with Kato he turns his attention back to Mulan and threatens to break her neck but Britt stops him. He trades her life for the location of the Hornet's Nest. Back at the Nest Mulan is forced to watch, helplessly as Redhand plans on ruining everything that Mulan and Britt have done for Century City. Luckily Clutch is able to trick Redhand and save the day.

    Apparent Death

    Soon after, Mulan and Britt eventual became a couple, although Mulan expressed that it may have been a mistake. Mulan and her father were then both apparently killed when the Hornet's Nest was destroyed by an arms dealer known as Sergi Gravilov.

    She would resurface nine months later to help Britt when he was battling Doctor Creepy and a zombie Green Hornet 2.0. When asked where she had been all that time, she told Britt that she was gone nine months for a reason, implying that she had been pregnant with and gave birth to their child.

    As the New Green Hornet

    Mulan as the new Green Hornet
    Mulan as the new Green Hornet

    Shortly after her return, Britt mysteriously disappears and Century City is left without the Green Hornet to protect it. Mulan takes it upon herself to become the new Green Hornet and search for Britt.


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