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Mukuro is a master of the northeastern territory of Makai. She had hidden her identity of being a female for most of her life until the Ankoku Bujuutskai where she then revealed her gender.

However, she didn't always start from the position of a demon lord. When she was young, she was sold into slavery. Her master would constantly beat her, and rape her every year on her birthday. To escape his desires, she poured acid on her body, scarring half her form. This only angered her father he and had her imprisoned. Eventually, she killed her master and broke out, living off the streets beneath bandages and ofuda that covered her disfigured form.

In several years that followed a wake of killing and fear, she rose to her position and summoned Hiei to her side as her second-in-command and was given a position after he defeated her former aide, Shigure. The proposed tournament of the Ankoku Bujuustkai was to choose a new ruler for Makai. Mukuro didn't finish as first and was therefore relieved of her position. Her crew was then assigned to watch over Makai and guide back Ningens that wandered into it.

Mukuro confesses 'feelings' for Hiei after Hiei's battle with Shigure. Hiei's was unconscious and healing in a tank when Mukuro when Mukuro confesses her feelings.

Powers and Abilities

Mukuro is one of the three demons kings and is the second strongest. She is a ruthless killer and knows an unfathomable amount of ways to harm or kill her opponents. Mukuro's overall strength is directly tied to her emotions, specifically her hate. The more hatred she feels the stronger she becomes.
Signature Moves
Third Dimension Cutter:
Mukuro is able to cause a literal dimensional cut that can cut whatever comes into contact with it. These cuts are not mere slashes since they remain until Mukuro wishes them to disappear. Mukuro is able to form energy barriers like spider webs when she makes multiple cuts.
Energy Punches: Mukuro is able to punch and send invisible energy long range to cause an explosion.
Energy Fist Blast: Mukuro uses this technique to implae a targert with demon energy usually causing a massive abdominal hole.
Telepathy: Mukuro has show skill in telepathy since she was able to send her message to Yomi.
Telekinesis: Mukuro has great skill in telekinesis being able to cut and shape stones into projectiles to launch at opponents.


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