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    Muhammad Ali is considered the greatest boxer of all time.

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    Early Years

    Muhammad Ali (Originally Cassius Clay) was born in 1942, 17 January, and was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Muhammad Ali is considered the greatest boxer of all time. Standing at 6''3, Muhammad Ali started off with as a Light-Heavyweight in the summer Olympics of 1960, in Rome, where he won a gold medal. After his Olympic win, he fought his first professional fight against Tunney Hunsaker, and won by decision. From 1960-1963, Muhammad Ali had a record of 19-0, with 15 knockouts. In 1964, Muhammad Ali would go on to fight Sonny Liston and fight for the Heavyweight world championship. 

    Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston (1964) 

     Muhammad Ali was seen as the underdog of this fight, and was expected to lose from most predictions. Although predictions were against Ali, Muhammad Ali won. Ali won by TKO, in round 7. Muhammad Ali became heavyweight world champion. For some reason, Liston refused to come out of his corner, he claimed that he had a shoulder injury, this led to his defeat. This was one of Muhammad Ali's most important fights.

    Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston II (1965)

    Muhammad Ali then fought Sonny Liston again in a rematch, and won quite easily. Ali knocked him out in round 1. Their is much controversy over this fight to if Liston took the dive. Though videos show the hit was legit, and landed on Sonny's chin.
          Muhammad Ali defeats Sonny Liston in only 1 round.
          Muhammad Ali defeats Sonny Liston in only 1 round.

    Other fights

    Muhammad Ali went on to fight other heavyweight fighters. Such as Ken Norton, Floyd Patterson, Joe Bugner etc. He won most of them, but lost only 5. 

    Important Fights

    Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier I, II and II (1971-1975)

    Muhammad Ali first fought Joe Frazier in 1971. Both were friends, but when the fight was announced, Ali quickly turned on Frazier. Both have had a rivalry. Muhammad Ali's first fight with Frazier was a loss, in 1971, March 8, New York City, Frazier won by decision in round 15. Frazier then fought Ali again in 1974, this was their 2nd fight in New York. This time, Muhammad Ali won against Frazier, in round 15, by decision. Ali and Frazier fought for the last time, the fight was nick-named "The Thrilla In Manilla", and was one of Ali's greatest fights. The fight was extremely close, despite Frazier being smaller, he came close to beating Ali, but lose. Ali won TKO, in round 14.  

    Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman (1974) 

    Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman (1974) often referred to ''The Rumble In The Jungle'', took place in Africa, Zaire 1974, and took place before Ali's last fight with Frazier. Ali won the fight KO in round 8. Ali was again expected to lose the fight to Foreman, but instead, won. Ali's tactic in the fight has became extremely popular, the tactic he used was to block for the entire fight and tire Foreman out, and then attack whilst Foreman was tired. Ali used the ropes, that also became a popular tactic.

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