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The Mud-Thing came to be when Sandman and Hydro-Man accidentally fused together during a fight with Spider-Man. Although it was composed of the two aforementioned villains, it showed no indication of either villain's intellligence or persona, outside of an infatuation with Sadie Frickett, the current love interest of both villains. Initially, it went on a bit of a rampage and ended up battling the NYPD and its SWAT division, but Sadie managed to convince everyone that Mud-Thing had no intention of harming anyone so long as it wasn't provoked.


Mud-Thing was created by Dennis O'Neil, John Romita Jr., and Jim Mooney.

Major Story Arcs

Eye of the Beholder

Eventually, Matt Murdock was able to win a case for Mud-Thing in a court of law, stating that Mud-Thing was a largely harmless and innocent creature that had no real affiliation with the actions of its creators, and it was released into the temporary custody of Sadie Frickett, who it was largely subservient to. Soon after however, a theater agent named Travis Rave proposed that Sadie and Mud-Thing be in a show, which Sadie gladly accepted at the prospect of stardom. Unfortunately, when the show proved to be a huge success, Sadie accidentally kissed Travis out of excitement, thereby enraging the jealous Mud-Thing. Mud-Thing ended up going on a rampage and carried Sadie with him to the top a sky-scraper. The creature was eventually defeated with a special gas that dried it out and caused it to crumble apart. Spider-Man managed to save Sadie from her plummet, but she ended up being genuinely upset over the loss of Mud-Thing, knowing that all it had ever done wrong was simply love her.

Mud-Thing's remains were taken into custody by the NYPD, but were eventually disposed when no response could be found from them. The remains later seperated, allowing Sandman and Hydro-Man to reconstitute themselves. 

Powers and Abilities

Mud-Thing was a creature of massive size, strength, and invulnerability. Being made of nothing but mud, it was nearly impossible to injure it, and could easily repair its mud shape. It could even grow in size by gathering more sand and water.

Due to its limited intelligence however, the creature had little sense of self-preservation, and it also never really made use of its shape-shifting abilities as versatilely as either Sandman or Hydro-Man.


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