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    Character » Ms. Victory appears in 221 issues.

    Miss Victory is most-famed as being a central member of FemForce, a team of all-female superheroes published by AC Comics in the 80s .

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    It all started in 1941, when we asked Joan (a Washington DC secretary) to be part of a research team. She was the assistant of Dr. Mark Benton at the Colorado Project. The objective sought by the team, under the governance of president Franklin D. Roosevelt, was to find a way to improve human abilities. They were asked to create the perfect soldier. The research progressed well until the moment when Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese military, December 7. The war was truly present for the Americans and Roosevelt wanted to find a way to win.
    Dr. Benton had created a chemical compound, the V-45. With this experimental vitamin they hoped to produce a "fighting" machine with accelerated cellular regeneration. Eager to have concret results, the president asked Dr. Benton to make test directly on humans. This request was out of his personal values and he refused to proceed. He was then replaced by Joan Wayne at the head of the project. Her assistant was Octavia Howard.
    Barton as test subject
    Barton as test subject
    One of their first human subject was the government agent Dan Barton, who was already involved on a mission with Senator Wright. He wore the Black Commando name and tried to stop some Nazi saboteurs.  During a mission to save the life of the president, he decided to take the compound V-45 (without permission) to have superhuman strength. The expected effect was achieved, but at the same time Barton has become mad.  
    Despite several attemps, Joan Wayne could'nt make a compound without adverse side effects. Then one day she made the V-47, which worked perfectly on her body chemistry. Addition to the super strength, the V-47 allows her to restore her youth for periods of time. With this new powers, she left her works as a scientist. She became a super agent for the government of the United States, under the name of Miss Victory. 

    Its only two years later she gathered a team of super woman, called FemForce. The original members, with her as Miss Victory (and leader), was Blue Bulleteer, She-Cat and Rio Rita


    Without meaning to, just thinking about him, Nightveil freed  Black Commando from his restraints 40 years later. Having learned he missed the last 40 years, he wants revenge of Joan Wayne.

    Rad's fighting
    Rad's fighting
    He took advantage of a moment or she was in her natural form (old and without power) to force her to take the unstable V-45 drug. That drug, somehow, makes people causing anti-social and cause many relational conflicts. Under this, Joan Wayne became Rad. She has the same power but a very unpleasant personality and intentions unhealthy. For exemple, she likes to see She-Cat suffer instead of helping, as before. Her first goal, in this state, was to disband the FemForce team. 
    Somehow, Nightveil is then indirectly responsible for the arrival of Rad. 

    Not wanting anymore of her leader role, and as the Government considered it a mental aberration, Joan "Rad" has been replaced by Colt, a former agent. The FF headquarters has also been moved on Jungle Island, a wild life reserve controlled by Tara Fremont, near Florida.  
    Given the great loyalty shown by Joan Wayne over the years, the Government takes times to allow her regain her senses. If that moment never comes, they plan to create a new Miss Victory.  Regarding the team, they have not yet decided what they would do. 

    Rad, still Rad

    Several weeks passed and Miss Victory is always Rad. Her attitude is increasingly negative, she cares only for her little person. She is often the cause of various problems that often leads to physical confrontations (including a brawl in a nightclub). She always wins out however, with her superhuman strength. She is often really too strong for everyone in fact. 
    Colt, the new leader of the team's, wants to recovers the real Joan. Despite her efforts, it did not work. Then Colt and Rad were then involved in few events in Orlando caused by Dr. Pretorius. This man wants eliminate Rad and he's ready to do anything to that. After the altercation, the Doctor's plan did not work. But Rad has not been able to save the life of a child due to negligence on her part.   
    When government members were informed of events, they have judged Rad inapt and dangerous. Rad/Joan possesses state secrets of the highest importance and they do not want them falling into the wrong hands. After the testimony of Captain Kelly on the issue, they took a decision: Rad must be put under arrest. If necessary, they are ready to kill her.  Captain Kelly does not share this view but this does not make a difference. Kelly made an anonymous call to the leader of FemForce, Colt, to tell her about the intentions of the State. Colt believes this anonymous man and organizes an outing to recover Rad. 
    While all this happening in her back, Rad has found the Octavia Howard formula, who helps rejuvenate. She targets some elderly rich and socially known and sells this product at high prices. This is an immediate success, Rad has more and more customers and hopes to become very rich.

    Many attackers, one target

    The strike force of the current members of FemForce is perhaps not sufficient to confront Rad. Rad is physically stronger than any member, even Thunderfox. Stardust therefore call for reinforcements:  Paragon,  Scarlet Scorpion, D-Man and Astron. Three teams went searching through the city. Several battles were fought against Rad. Though weakened, she still has the upper hand. But Paragon was finally able to knock her out with the help of  She-Cat. Rad is then securely attached while they wait than the effect of her vitamin disappears.
    Temporarily confined
    Temporarily confined
    Two days later Rad reverts to her true form, old, without power. But her personality is Rad or Joan? FemForce takes the risk of giving her the right vitamin, the V-47, hoping the return of Ms. Victory. Another failure...  Rad regains her power to tear away her steel containment's and escapes, smashing through a brick wall, taking care to stun everyone in the passage.  
    A few days later, Miss Victory arrived at HQ FemForce, a bottle of champagne in hand. Members of FF are wild with joy, they find the real Joan yet. Probably than the V-45 has finally made its effect, with some delay. So they drink to celebrate this long-awaited return. Trickery. Rad was only "disguised" as Ms. Victory and her champagne was in fact the product of rejuvenation. Each member of the team rejuvenate and become teenagers. Rad left by breaking another brick wall. 
    The FemForce teenage heroines want their revenge and are always looking for a way to put Rad out of the circulation. But T.C. Fremont prohibits them from doing anything whatsoever in their condition. They are confined to the HQ.     

    For Rad, this was not the end of clashes.  General Robert Gordon, the new FemForce head (at Pentagon) clandestinely hires a group of super-mercenaries to bring her down once and for all, in exchange for a lot of money. Among the villains, there was Rip-Jaw, Valkoray, Lonestar, Kallima, Shred and Frosbite. After several more battles, Rad is weakened but strong enough to come out on top again. Is anyone going to stop her? Who? When?

    Wonder Woman comparison

    Miss Victory has often been compared to Wonder Woman. The two have already been secretary at Washington DC, military, they wear a outfit in the colors of their country and have similar powers. One may ask, who's first appeared? Well, it's Ms. Victory in August 1941. Wonder Woman was created in January 1942.

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