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    Darla Deering was a trendy socialite who after a romantic encounter with Johnny Storm, wound up as a substitute member of the Fantastic Four. Now as a member of the team, she wears a suit previously used by the Thing when he was de-powered which grants her superhuman strength.

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    Little is known about Darla so far, however she has been compared to celebrities Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan. She joined the Future Foundation as a temporary member for four minutes when she was asked to by the Human Torch at the last minute after an overnight stay.


    Ms. Thing was created by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred and first appeared in Marvel NOW! Point One #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Future Foundation

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    Darla and the Human Torch begin dating and attending high society events together, like Dr. Doom's art show in Latveria. After one of their nights together the Human Torch finally remembers that he needs a replacement since his team is leaving Earth for four minutes. He enlists Darla since she is the only person around when he remembers. She agrees.

    Due to not having any powers, Dragon Man gives her Ben's old Thing Suit from when he lost his powers, this proved unpopluar with fans of Ben Grimm as people would wear Thing masks at her shows, Darla was about to quit the team over this but Scott Lang convinced her to stay on.

    After the team disbanded Scott and Darla became a couple and took time off from super hero work but the relationship was turning sour when all Scott did was watch TV shows he recorded and Darla was getting bored. After Scott's daughter, Cassie Lang, was resurrected by Doctor Doom, Scott decided to take a break from Darla but failed to tell her.

    Reunited with Antman

    Darla attacks Scott Lang
    Darla attacks Scott Lang

    Scott was hired to be Darla's security guard but neither side knew. When they saw each other, Darla transforms into Ms. Thing again (its not known if she was allowed to keep the suit or she didn't hand it back over to the Fantastic Four) and attacks Scott.

    After the 2 join forces to defeat the new Magician they calmly talk over what had happened to them and Darla gave the ok for Scott to be her security however its revealed that Darla had staged the whole thing with her publicist to gain footage for a new show and even used Hench, a mobile app that allows you to hire villians, to use the Magician to take the loss, it appears that Darla may have had second thoughts about using Scott but doesn't reveal it to him.

    Darla is one of the members of Scott's team to help him rescue Cassie from Scott's old foe Darren Cross and even stays to help rescue Scott after he is captured, however her drones pick up footage from the break in and Scott is arrested.

    Powers & Abilities

    Ms. Thing presumably has super-strength and durability in her suit, and has the basic powers of The Thing. To transform into Ms. Thing, Darla utilizes the Thing Rings, created by Dragon Man.


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