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Probably born and raised in poverty in Chicago, little else is known about Ms Mesmer. At some point she began studying, and mastered, mesmerism.


Ms Mesmer was created by Paul Kupperberg and Carmine Infantino. She made her first appearance in Supergirl #4.

Major Story Arcs

The Gang

As a member of The Gang, Ms Mesmer uses her powers to keep Supergirl from interfering in one of their jobs, and later joins them in interrogating Supergirl's friend. Having planted an image of everyone being able to see through her secret identity in Supergirl's mind previously, Ms Mesmer is responsible for Supergirl's second defeat. Later, while attempting to mesmerize a guard, she is shot. She release sSupergirl from her hypnosis in exchange for being transported to a hospital.

The Witch and the Warrior

Ms Mesmer is among the villains Circe sets to attack the heroes.

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Ms Mesmer appears at a superhero convention on a panel discussing female heroes and villains.

Powers and Abilities

Ms Mesmer has no known superhuman powers or abilities. She is very skilled at mesmerism and hypnotism, and is able to plant post-hypnotic suggestions in the minds of others.


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