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For Once the Majority Is Right About This One

"War of the Marvels" begins, but I have to agree with the majority of what I've seen posted about this issue, [i]Ms. Marvel[/i] #42 was fun, but there wasn't enough depth this first chapter of the new storyline. While there's still mystery involved as we try to understand how there can be three different Ms. Marvels at one time, there's no clear motivation given for any of the characters other than wanting the title. But really, what's in a name? Why is being Ms. Marvel so important to everyone involved? I'd also like to see a description of Sofen's powers and abilities -- honestly, how could she hold her own against Danvers -- she's really that powerful? My opinion of this title has continued to decline and unfortunately this twenty-two page fight scene, despite some terrific art, didn't hold my attention for long.

~ Hype

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