Ms. Marvel #25

    Ms. Marvel » Ms. Marvel #25 - The Secret Invasion! Part 1 released by Marvel on May 1, 2008.

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    The record-setting 25th issue is here, and it's super-sized! Is Ms. Marvel on the front lines of the Secret Invasion... or is she part of the invasion?! Brian Reed (CAPTAIN MARVEL) welcomes new series artist Adriana Melo onboard as Ms. Marvel begins her third year of action and adventure!

    Flashback to before Carol became Ms. Marvel.

    Working as head of Security for NASA, Carol accompanies Dr. Walter Lawson (Captain Mar-Vell) to a site where an alien object has landed. Lawson is sure it's of Skrull design but keeps this to himself.

    Later Carol decides to check the object herself. Touching it, the orb scans her DNA and sends the information across the universe to a member of the Skrull Empire, Rm'Twr. Another Skrull is upset that they simply received data on another simple human. Rm'Twr insists they will catalog it the same. Their future plans may require as many Earth samples as they can get.

    In the present.

    Tony Stark talks with Agent Sum that Carol Danvers is, in fact, a Skrull. Sum doesn't believe it. Stark shows him a video from four days ago (when Carol and Lighting Storm were on Monster Island). The video shows "Carol" in front of Stark Tower at the same time. The problem now is that the real Carol has left the minicarrier before he could talk to her and she's been gone for two days. They have no idea if she's been taken or not.

    In her temporary home in a hotel, Carol decides to go check out an old A.I.M. base disguised as a laundry mat that has recently opened after being shut down. As soon as she enters, everyone pulls out guns and opens fire on her. Making her way down several levels, she sees a moving truck take off. It manages to leave before she can stop it.


    At Cape Canaveral, Lawson is doing a final check on a space shuttle before it launches. Carol insists on going with him despite his protests. Inside, Rm'Twr catches Captain Mar-Vell by surprise and shoots him with a stun blast. He prepares to take the shuttle to return to the Skrull Empress with Marv-Vell. As the shuttle prepares to take off, Carol climbs aboard. Making her way to the cockpit, she sees the Skrull at the controls. Carol grabs his gun and shoots him. Lawson wakes up surprised to see Carol flying the shuttle and the dead Skrull floating around.

    Present day.

    Carol tries to talk to William at his restaurant since it's been days since they've talked. When she finally finds him, William breaks off their relationship, saying it was a dumb idea on his part and quickly departs. Little does Carol know that her PR rep, Sarah Day, has some dirt on William and forced him to break it off.

    Carol visits Sarah to see why she wanted to talk to her before. Sarah was going to talk to her about the Daily Bugle photo of Carol kissing Wonder Man with the headline that they're making out while a cop lies dying. With J. Jonah Jameson in the hospital for a heart attack, they don't have anything to worry about.

    Outside, Carol spots a moving van like the one that got away earlier. She follows it to another secret A.I.M. base. When the back is opened, a Skrull that "looks like the X-Men" comes out saying he has to find the "Kree Man" right now. With acute senses, he detects Carol and shoots optic blasts at her.

    The Skrull tells her his name is Rl'Nnd and he is the son of Rm'Twr. He is able to teleport. Armoring up, he hits Carol from behind. Next he displays claws and tries slashing at Carol. When he notices that she smells of Kree, he says he can continue his true mission now that he has "his scent." Leaving, Carol has no idea what just happened.

    Flying back towards the city, Carol decides to try calling William. Since she hasn't been around Mar-Vell in days, she wonders if the scent Rm'Twr picked up could be from William. Could he be Kree? When he answers he is surprised since "Carol" is with him at that exact moment. This other Carol asks him who is on the phone. Her eyes begin to glow green as William begs for Carol to come quickly over the phone.

    Carol busts into William's apartment and searches for him. She is shocked to find him lying dead on the bed. Before she can fully react, Agent Sum arrives pointing a large gun at her. He tells her it won't matter if she's a Skrull or not, the gun will take her down.


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    The Best Opener of the Volume Since the Doppelganger Arc... 0

    I'd really hoped to have done a video review on this, but my webcam has been quite difficult lately to prelude. Anyway, this'll have to suffice. As mentioned within my title, this was easily my favorite arc kick-off since the Doppelganger arc/issue (which was also probably my most favorite ostensibly with that said). There's a great deal of variety regarding plot development which is made manifest to the reader within a very concise means. That alone is probably enough to make any reader with a ...

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    dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no210 0

    Again Greg Horn strays from what he's best known for... and comes up with a cracker of a cover. Pre-empting the horrendous run of skrull crazy covers that Marvel have already solicited for this summer, Ms Marvel is the first to play the green face card. Horn craftily amps up the air of mystery though with the judicious use of the 'shushing' finger and by cleverly concealing her eyes (that are usually blank anyway, but that's besides the point) and comes up with an amusing, intriguing cover. In t...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.


    I have to admit...I have been a harsh reviewer of Ms. Marvel...the book was stagnant when I started reading it with issue picked up the pace with the addition of Sleepwalker (one of my favorite characters from when I was younger) and Machine Man (completely hilarious character.) This is issue is what Ms Marvel should be all the time...emotional, funny, and just a good story.This is a tie-in with Skrull Infiltration...but it does it well and actually explains some of what the Skrulls are ...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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