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This is it - one of the biggest mysteries of Ms. Marvel's life is revealed. The march to Ms. Marvel's record-breaking issue #25 begins here as Brian Reed (NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI) and Aaron Lopresti (INCREDIBLE HULK) take Carol Danvers to Monster Island where the very fate of the planet Earth - possibly the galaxy - hangs in the balance.

Backup Story

Captain Marvel #1 Preview

The introduction begins with Ms. Marvel and her thoughts. She thinks that the Cru was dead, but she comments how she has been wrong before. The both of them fight. The Cru has a gun that’s capable of evaporating a human being, but Ms. Marvel has the power of energy blasts, capable of ripping right through the Cru itself. During the fight, Ms. Marvel comments on how everything at her place is destroyed, except her phone. Three messages come through.

Ms. Marvel then gets her back stabbed by one of the Cru’s tentacles and she is paralysed. Agent Sum breaks through and runs for the Cru, however, the gun fires on Agent Sum and he becomes a pile of bone. Machine Man steps in, commenting on how impressive the Cru’s gun is, but he says that his is more impressive. He then realises that his gun isn’t impressive at all, and his body is destroyed and all that’s left is his right arm, his upper body and head. Agent Sum and Machine Man get to his room to repair him straight away.

Meanwhile, Carol Danvers is in Monster Island, and is dropping through the air, but she can’t fly! She can’t change into her Ms. Marvel costume either. She falls into a river, and the Cru introduces her, but in human form. Carol asks why her powers are gone. Cru attempts to have a conversation with Carol, but all she can think about is how she almost killed her and Earth. Carol breaks herself off with Cru, but she warns that if she does, the link will be broken, but Carol doesn’t listen. She realises that her back as healed, and for some reason, there are palm trees in New York. She then stumbles upon Cru, in the horrid alien form, and then something is racing through the palm trees. Something big. Carol readies herself and remembers that she can’t use her powers.

In Minicarrier 13, Mobile HQ for Lightning Storm, Anya, otherwise known as Arana is looking for Carol’s cat. In the same place, Agent Sum is repairing Machine Man. Anya runs into the room in which Machine Man is getting repaired and gets shocked by the appearance of Machine Man, all undone. Agent Sum, who was getting contact with Tony Stark is told his secretary that he is unavailable. Agent Sum replies that he gave emergency codes, and she replies that he is unavailable. Agent Sum is furious and enforces the point that they were attacked by an alien life form. Then, a voice comes in saying, “I can help.” It’s Wonder Man and Anya is pleased to see him. He asks where Carol is, and Anya replies that they don’t know. Agent Sum asks Wonder Man whether he is the only one who can reply. Wonder Man then informs them that the emergency codes were recently changed, and if he used an old one, S.H.I.E.L.D. “gets kinda edgy.” Wonder Man then changes the subject, reminding them about Carol. But Agent Sum is suspicious.

Back on Monster Island, Carol is powerless, but uses her acrobatic training to avoid the monsters. She’s fighting them and rolls down a hill. The monster chases her and Carol uses her feet to throw the monster in a tree branch, stabbing it. Just then, another one comes in. The Cru then comes back and fights along with Carol. It explains that they must work together, link together or else they won’t survive. Their fingers touch each others, and then they are taken to the Cru’s homeland, before it was taken over by the Brood. Cru then goes on to explain how the link between them is two-way, and by that, it will repair their injuries. Cru continues to explain how pieces of her repair and rebuild protocols were left in Carol after their first encounter. She then says that it is end of her world, and soon, Earth. The Cru explains that she attempted to link with her, but Carol fought back, and now she has the time to build an army. The Cru says, that with their bodies unprotected, she hopes that they can do what they have to do before the Brood realise that they are here.

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