Ms. Marvel #1

    Ms. Marvel » Ms. Marvel #1 - This Woman, This Warrior! released by Marvel on January 1977.

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    Prepare for the first flight of Ms. Marvel! Carol Danvers takes to the skies as fierce and powerful Ms. Marvel to take down the nefarious Scorpion! Guest starring Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

    It starts off with Ms. Marvel stopping a bunch of crooks, while unknown to all, the Scorpion succeeds in robbing a bank while the other crooks were captured. Later, the scene shifts to J. Jonah Jameson hiring Carol Danvers as the editor of the Woman magazine. Afterwards, Carol meets Peter Parker and Mary Jane, but as she does, the Scorpion takes his stolen money to a lab where he gives it to Professor Kerwin Kormin in exchange for the lab itself, which Kormin is retiring from. Later, Carol Danvers is talking with Mary Jane in her hotel when she suddenly blacks out. The Scorpion then starts attacking Jameson in the streets when later on Ms. Marvel goes to the Bugle on a premonition from her 7th sense that Jameson would be kidnapped. The Scorpion, in his new lab, attempts to kill Jameson as revenge for Jameson was the reason he's become the Scorpion in the first place, when Ms. Marvel breaks into the lab and stops the Scorpion and frees Jameson. The next day, Jameson demands an expose from Carol Danvers about the mysterious super-heroine as Carol ponders all the mysteries going on in her life, from Ms. Marvel to her blackouts and more.

    Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, The Incredible Hulk and the Green Thumb.



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    Strange that the same character can be so prominent in the modern day Marvel Universe where this issue which introduced her as a hero feels so dated. The writer makes a point at the beginning to give some credit to his wife for coming up with the idea for Carol Danvers becoming Ms. Marvel, but that doesn't mean that there are necessarily a lot of fresh ideas here, including such retreads as J. Jonah Jameson hating superheroes, a bad guy that wants to slowly lower his foe into a vat of acid, an...

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