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Ms. Marvel 001 (2014) Review

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This comic is awesome and weird at the same time. The 1st part with Kamla and her family is well done they seem so real and so average.Her situation isn't totally relatable (being of different cultures) but I do like her and do feel for her situation.And plus she offers a great window of understanding to a culture that I don't really get. The second part of the comic when she gets her powers is kinda weird and wacky.I mean I've stranger origins like mutated turtles and rat or getting hit by a gama bomb and becoming the Hulk or kid creating monsters with a magic machine that got stoke by lighting(Creepy Crawlers). Anyway the hole cocoon scene is strange with those guys claiming to be "Faith" and being ambiguous with the hole real or not. What I do like about her origin story is her connection with the original Ms Marvel (now Captain Marvel) Carol Danvers. As you might know Carol got her powers by being in contact with the Kree hero the original Captain Marvel or Mar-Vell. From what I've read about Khan is an Inhuman a species created by the Kree who experimented on humanity. Overall this comic is pretty good the art is good ,the story is a bit weird, but the cultural aspect is interesting can't wait for issue so we can see her powers.

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