Ms. Liberty

    Character » Ms. Liberty appears in 8 issues.

    Megan is the granddaughter of the hero known as The Statesman. She is the sidekick of Statesman, and is the leader of the Vindicators.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Ms. Liberty is the daughter of Miss Liberty. Originally, Ms. Liberty worked closely with her grandfather as his sidekick. Her career at first was unremarkable in the shadow of her grandfather and all the famous heroes, but she developed a rebellious streak and decided to go it alone. She organized the sidekicks of all the famous heroes and they formed the Vindicators, a group of heroes apart from the Freedom Phalanx.

    Recognizing the overbearing nature of the Phalanx, she also assists Freedom Corps in all she can, and tries to make sure that the heroes of the city receive as much information as they can. Her mother, Miss Liberty founded freedom corps so Ms. Liberty wants to ensure its success.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a descendant of The Statesman, she possesses enhanced strength, toughness and has been trained in martial arts.

    She carries the legendary magical sword 'Excalibur', which was entrusted to her by Hero 1. She is unable to wield it, but carries it with her to safeguard it for the day, Hero 1 returns.

    She wears the magical Girdle of Hera, whose powers are as of yet not fully known but it is said that it imparts on the wearer the power of the goddess. It is possible that it imparts on her her invulnerability. She calls it 'The Liberty Belt'.


    The Statesman is fiercely overprotective of his granddaughter and often goes out of his way to ensure she is safe, often interfering with her life. This has created a rebellious streak in Jessica and she often goes out of her way to do her own thing in response. She got in touch with the sidekicks of all the Phalanx and formed the Vindicators with them. She also recognizes Statesman's overbearing nature more so than any hero except Manticore. Despite this, she does care for him deeply.

    Ms. Liberty founded Longbow, the militaristic and hard hitting arm of Freedom Corps. This was a controversial move, as it breaks many international laws and the laws on private armies, despite this it continues to operate and has so far not been challenged due to the threat of Lord Recluse.

    Alternate Versions

    Ms. Liberty has a Praetorian Earth counterpart: Dominatrix, whom Statesman once attempted to 'rescue' from the alternate dimension against her will, showing the lengths his obsession with safeguarding Jennifer go.


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