Ms. Fortune

    Character » Ms. Fortune appears in 3 issues.

    A former member of the Wicked Brigade, Ms. Fortune is an enemy of Spider-Man.

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    Much of Ms. Fortune's history remains unknown. Her real name is Laura and, at some point, she began dating Donny Callahan. When they were presented the opportunity to become superhumans, she convinced him that they should allow themselves to be mutated. Soon, they adopted the identities of Ms. Fortune and the Squid.
    In their first outing as villains, Ms. Fortune and the Squid were soundly defeated by Spider-Man. Following their defeat, the criminals who empowered them turned on them, almost killing Laura. She survived, but subsequently broke up with Donny.
    Ms. Fortune's current activities remain unknown. She was not with the Wicked Brigade when they perished at the hands of the zombie plague that ravaged the island of Taino. Presumably, she remains at large. 


    Ms. Fortune is a human mutate and presumably possesses enhanced strength. She wields a staff and wears body armor.


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