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After figuring out Clark's dual identity she revealed to him that her real name was Nyxlygsptlnz. She's actually from the 5th Dimension and the wife of Mr. Mxyzptlk who is currently comatose due to his battle with Lord Vyndktvx. She's also the daughter of King Brpxz and Ferlin Nyxly's aunt. She seemingly lost her life getting shot by Nimrod The Hunter while trying to help Superman against Vyndktvx and the Anti-Superman Army.


Mrs. Nyxly was created by writer Grant Morrison and was first drawn by artist Rags Morales.

Note: During the Silver Age a character almost identical to Nyxlygsptlnz appeared in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #52 under a slightly different name. Miss Gsptlsnz. She was responsible for reversing the Wolf-Man spell Mr. Mxyzptlk had cast on Jimmy Olsen. In recent years, the character briefly re-appeared in JLA (this time as Miss Gsptlnz) , written by Grant Morrison, and Countdown To Final Crisis once again as Mr. Mxyzptlk's girlfriend.


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