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    Character » Mrs. Muggins appears in 86 issues.

    Mamie Muggins was the landlord of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) in the 1970's and early1980's

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    Mamie Muggins is an apartment superintendent in the Chelsea area of New York City, whose most notable tenant has been your friendly neighborhood Spider-man. Mrs. Muggins lives with her husband Barney, and is known for being a nag over Peter paying his rent and also interrogating Peter about the crashing sounds she heard coming from his apartment. Mamie Muggins' niece Candi lived across the hall from Peter, along with Candi's roommates Bambi and Randi. The Trio often laid out on the buildings roof getting a sun tan, tampering Peter's ability to sneak in unnoticed through the building's skylight as Spider-man. Mamie Muggins was married to Barney Muggins, aka Mr. Muggins.

    Special Powers/ Abilities

    None besides an uncanny ability to sense when the rent is due.


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