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    Powerful leader of the Enslavers

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    Mrrungo-Mu is the leader of the Enslavers. He is power hungry and has no value for life.
    In the beginning, Mrrungo-Mu was doing what he had to do to save his dying planet. He was able to save his entire race. This led to his lust for power.
    A massive ship was constructed, larger than entire planets, that was fueled by the billions of people he enslaved across the universe. What powered his ship also powered Mrrungo, and his power may rival that of Galactus.
    He was led to Earth by the space probe Voyager III and claimed to come in peace. He first sent his troops to take all the super-powered beings into captivity, which they easily accomplished. When Earth's heroes were brought before him, he allowed them to be unchained to prove his might. He was unable to be harmed by Wolverine's claws and beat She Hulk, Thing, Rogue, Doc Samson and Namor with one hand. He then showed his ability to absorb the strength of others on the Hulk and Namor.
    The only hero he did not capture was the Silver Surfer, who challenged him, despite knowing that he could not win. In secret, the Surfer gave half of his power to Earl Weygand. While the Surfer and Mrrungo battled on Earth, Weygand was able to damage the ship and cause Mrrungo to lose power. When this happened, the Surfer was able to defeat Mrrungo. It was lucky timing, for the Surfer was nearly defeated, his board smashed and his silvery skin cracked and leaking cosmic vapors.
    Mrrungo-Mu was allowed to live when his woman, Tnneya, pleaded for his life. They took part of their ship and returned to the depths of space leaving behind his captives and power cells.


    Technically, Mrrungo-Mu is an enemy to all of Earth's heroes. Only those he has actually faced are represented in the Enemies section.

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