Mr. Whisper

    Character » Mr. Whisper appears in 12 issues.

    The devil has granted Manfred 300 years of life, but the catch is once dead Manfred goes to hell.

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    In the late 1600's Manfred Wicker lived in what was known as the Monastery of the Capuchins. Out of all his brothers, Manfred was the example of the monastery followers, he was perfect in so many different ways. Manfred's downfall was he was proud of how he was, and it was his pride that was his greatest sin. The sin lead Manfred into a trap, a trap set by the one that got enjoyment of his sin, Lucifer. When Manfred asked to be saved Lucifer showed him how sin can be the road to all salvation, and that by indulging in every vice he can come more humbly into the sight of God. Manfred and the Capuchins put their new creed into practice, by tormenting, beating, raping and killing nuns.

    Shortly after the new creed that Manfred had set up, he found the first signs of a plague on his body. In fear and desperation Manfred pledge his soul to hell for a chance to live. Satan responded by giving him 300 years where Manfred could not die or be harmed. The monastery thrived as the Kingdom of Sin, but God's wrath would soon put an end to it. The river Dess burst its banks and tore through the hillside, and fell upon the the tainted monastery. The evil monks drowned, but due to the agreement with the Devil Manfred made, all he could do was watch all of them die.

    Manfred spent years traveling around the world trying to come up with a way to increase his life so he would not have to suffer in Hell, when his 300 years are up. About the year 1760 Manfred traveled to the "New World", and made his way in to Gotham. There he built Gotham Cathedral, with Gothic designs that would entrap souls and spirits. Manfred also spent the time perfecting a chemical that he could dispense across a wide area, and the chemical would spread by the wind.

    Bruce Wayne's first encounter with Manfred was at the private school he attended as a child. Bruce knew him as Mr. Winchester, and his experiences with him was what Bruce considered to be hell. Bruce was beating numerous times in class and Bruce would run away from class. Bruce's friend from school disappeared and Bruce swore that Mr. Winchester had killed him.

    Manfred took the name Mr. Whisper, and left notes to Gotham city's mob bosses. The notes designated which day Mr. Whisper would kill them. This was all part of Mr. Whipper's plan to cheat his own death by making sacrifices to the evil and innocent to the devil, in hope of an extension of his 300 years. The mob bosses used an upside down Bat-Signal to alert Batman of what was happening.

    Batman was able to foil Mr. Whisper's plan, and the Devil took Mr. Whisper to hell. A few days afterwards a package arrived for Batman, it contained the beating heart of Mr. Whisper. Batman traveled to Austria and threw the heart in the bottom of lake Dess.


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