Mr. Villain's Day Off #1

    Mr. Villain's Day Off » Mr. Villain's Day Off #1 - Volume 1 released by Square Enix Manga & Books on August 2023.

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    One evil supervillain spends most of his time hatching nefarious plots to take over the world-but on his days off, nothing gets between him and the cute pandas he adores! This fresh, charming comedy series answers the age-old question of what a villain does off the clock!

    The mysterious and dastardly man known only as the General within the evil organization plotting to take over the world is one of the top targets of Earth's defensive unit, the Rangers. But on his precious days off, he's more likely to be at the local zoo staring at his beloved pandas or trying out new ice cream flavors! Will his secret hobbies be jeopardized forever when his natural enemy-a Ranger hero out to save the Earth-catches him in the act?

    Chapter Titles

    • Mr. Villain's Day Off
    • Mr. Villain Goes to the Convenience Store
    • An Elegant Day Off
    • Baby Panda's Debut
    • Mr. Villain and the Snow Rabbit
    • Mr. Villain and Cherry Blossoms
    • The Story of Background Character Z
    • Mr. Villain and the Lost Children
    • Mr. Villain and Tails
    • Mr. Villain and the Star Festival
    • The Rangers' Star Festival
    • Mr. Villain and the Petting Zoo
    • With the Pandas
    • Mr. Villain and the Ally of Justice


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    Story Arcs

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