Mr. Toad

    Character » Mr. Toad appears in 12 issues.

    Toad like member of the Circus of Strange.

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    Early in Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne's career as Batman and Robin, they come across and capture Mr. Toad, a member of the Circus of Strange, led by Pyg. Little do the new dynamic duo know, but the Circus of the Strange is part of Doctor Hurt's Black Glove, meaning Toad became a target of the Domino Killer, a mysterious serial killer who goes after Black Glove members. Toad is later found in his jail cell, killed by the Domino Killer who is eventually revealed to be the Joker, posing as novelist Oberon Sexton.

    In other media

    Mr. Toad will appear in the animated series Beware the Batman, voiced by Udo Kier. He will be a partner of Pyg, and use a sonic croak and a flame-throwing cane as weapons.


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