Mr. Thayer Jost

    Character » Mr. Thayer Jost appears in 22 issues.

    Former financier of the Doom Patrol.

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    Thayer Jost was the financier of the Doom Patrol for a short time because he was envious of the metahuman condition. Jost believes in corporate sponsorship is a way to pay for costs (Jost's expenses that is). As much as Jost resented metahumans, he found the Doom Patrol profitable for a time. Jost even financed Amanda Beckett's research on Botfly larva which transformed her into Botfly and in turn Jost supplied Beckett with vagrants to experiment on. Jost also created a corporate funded team called the Front Men. The Front Men consisted of  Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, Botfly and Porcelain Doll. Jost recruited AVM Man by alerting the police of his location in order to test out Dr. Larsen's potential. Jost has been following the public's shifting opinion on heroes ever since Blackest Night.

    Jost then became the CEO of MSE which stands for Mister Somebody's Enterprises. After the Doom Patrol relocated to Oolong Island Mr. Nobody transformed into Mr. Somebody and has taken possession of Jost's body. Mr. Somebody (Thayer Jost) embodies capitalism whereas Mr. Nobody used to represent Dadaism and anarchy. Jost is driven by Mr. Somebody to murder the Toy, a former member of the Brotherhood of Dada because Mr. Somebody wanted to kill off any remaining connection to Mr. Nobody's past.      

    Jost also reduces Danny the Street into a single brick. Jost then lures the Doom Patrol into a trap where he has them fight the Front Men in front of various reporters, giving the impression that they had been attacked without provocation.  His plan to control the populace through the media by swaying their opinions becomes cemented when the Doom Patrol kills Jost and Mr. Somebody escapes.  


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