Mr. Termineus

    Character » Mr. Termineus appears in 12 issues.

    The would be embodiment of the end of the universe.

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    Brief History

    Mr.Termineus was a member of the Fallen Stars , he was the dream of endpoint and wanted to bring everything to the end back to the darkness .He claims has been around before the Great Cataclysm and has met Jesus Christ . He even married Sorrow a fellow Fallen Star ,but to remain true to himself treated her badly even though he loved her deeply.

    Publication History

    Writer/creator JM DeMatteis didn't get to finish his Man-Thing storyline with Mr. Termineus due to early cancellation and Marvel refusing to even publish the completed final 2 issues of the story (sales were REALLY bad).  Some years later, while working on DC's 'The Spectre" volume 4, a villain named Monsieur Stigmonius is introduced who, both in characterization and design, holds strong similarities to Mr. Termineus.  It is entirely likely that DeMatteis did this to finallyi get some of his unpublished ideas with the character out of his system.

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