Mr. Stubbins

    Character » Mr. Stubbins appears in 13 issues.

    Hedgehog pet, originally affiliated with the Anti-Bully Squad, and known for his only sound, "Squick!"

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    Mr. Stubbins is the pet of Greg-Gantuar, a gargantuar zombie member of the Anti-Bully Squad. The Squad is sword to revenge on Zomboss for his ill-treatment of them during college. Mr. Stubbins seems to have only met the Squad after Zomboss graduated.

    He is presumably a hedgehog, and only says "Squick!"

    Mr. Stubbins has a very active life outside the Squad--unknown to them. At night he travels in space, rides sharks, does professional wrestling, and takes part in a karaoke championship.

    Mr. Stubbins tends to be much more proactive and effective than the rest of the Zombie team, including Zomboss.

    Zomboss says that Mr. Stubbins is his greatest and wisest friend, and has also proclaimed him to be the "best zombie," despite the fact that he does not seem to be a zombie.

    Major Story Arcs

    Bully for You

    Mr. Stubbins and the rest of the Anti-Bully Squad are alerted to Zomboss's current evil activities in Neighborville, and decide it is time to take action. They take his most prized possessions and then draft his army under their leadership, providing much better perks than Zomboss. The army attacks Neighborville, Patrice, and Nate.

    Zomboss escapes, since the Squad didn't search him for weapons. However, Mr. Stubbins sees him and alerts the others through a heroic race to a bullhorn, and the Squad recaptures Zomboss.

    The Squad decides to take on Nate and Patrice directly, but Zomboss tricks them by closing the door behind them, locking their army inside. Zomboss eventually gets both his and the Squad's armies under his control.

    Zomboss later forces the Squad to go back to college, where he can bully them all over again as the new gym teacher. However, Mr. Stubbins switches teams. He leaves Greg-Gantuar and becomes Dr. Zomboss's new pet!

    Grown Sweet Home

    Mr. Stubbins briefly tries to run off so he can nibble some pizza, but Zomboss promptly recaptures him. Later, when Zomboss puts on a parade in Neighborville, one of his floats is in the shape of Mr. Stubbins. Mr. Stubbins also joins in on the battle between the plants and zombies in "Round 5, Mr. Stubbins vs a Peanut Butter and Cheese Sandwich," which he wins.

    Petal to the Metal

    Mr. Stubbins takes part in the road race between the Plants and Zombies. At one point, he leaves the Zombie caravan to race ahead on his own in his sneaker car, with a chicken (who was crossing the road) on top. Later, the Plants destroy the Zombies' cars and leave them in the desert with a map, but none of the Zombies can read the map. Mr. Stubbins drives by and picks up them up, somehow balancing the entire horde on top of him as he drives back to Neighborville.

    Mr. Stubbins and his Zombie group invade Neighborville, doing a better job than the previous group of Zombies that didn't know what to do when they were left in town alone. Nate and Patrice show up and challenge them to another race. They engage in various heats, including an instance where Mr. Stubbins jumps his car between two pieces of toast popping out of a toaster. He also co-pilots Zomboss's Massive Munch Machine. In the end, somehow Mr. Stubbins gets on the front of the Plants' car, so that he and their car cross the finish line at the same time, making the race a tie.

    Boom Boom Mushroom

    Mr. Stubbins plans a key part in Zomboss's plan to drop Neighborville down into a lot of caves below the surface. He runs in a hamster wheel that powers the entire mechanical system. However, a pig-dog, Twister, reverses the wiring and the zombies are brought to the surface instead.

    Garden Warfare

    Zomboss tells Mr. Stubbins the story of how he found the metal butt from the future, but Mr. Stubbins is not directly involved in Zomboss’s subsequent invasion of Neighborville.

    Unrest in the Old West (Free Comic Day 2017)

    The Plants, their human friends, and the Zombies are transported back in time to the Old West, where they are forced to do chores for Sheriff Tarnation, who has taken their time machine.

    Mr. Stubbins, who has his shoe car, helps by herding sheep. When they return to their own time, he is seen riding off on a bat's back.


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