Mr. Smyth

    Character » Mr. Smyth appears in 7 issues.

    Mr. Smyth wants to create a society based on slavery, and the world's largest prison on Devil's Island.

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    Mr. Smyth is the ruler of island country of Devil's Island. He is contracted by the governments of the world to take their unwanted prisoners and house them in his world's largest prison. He has the Amazon who attack Washington DC under his watch.

    Mr. Smyth's true name is a mystery but is known by Grendel.

    Major Story Arcs


    For more information see: Secret Six: Depths

    Mr. Smyth is called by Emil to the mines under his prison to deal with Mina, a slave that refuses to work. he deals with her by killing all her co-workers until she is willing to work. He then sends Emil and Giuana to Ireland to hire the Secret Six to guard his island.

    When the Six arrive on the island he test them by having Deadshot, shot and kill Mina. He then tell the team his plans to make a the world's largest prison on Devil's Island. The team seems to be on his side but later that night Jeannette sneaks out and frees Artemis one of Mr. Smyth more problem some prisoners.

    Half the team defects but Catman Deadshot and Ragdoll while trying to make amends brings Mr. Smyth the unconscious body of Wonder Woman. Mr. Symth then show the three the artifact they were earlier transporting was in fact Grendel the devil of Mr. Symth's prison.

    When the Amazon that Mr. Smyth was keeping prisoners escape he releases Grendel but when Grendel fails he tries to gas the whole prison. This is when Ragdoll, who changed sides again, beats Smyth with a wrench. Smyth gets away but is tracked down by Deadshot who kills him in the same spot he kill Mina days earlier.


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