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The Fawcett Years

Mr. Scarlet
Mr. Scarlet

Brian Butler is a local district attorney that became frustrated because of the limits placed on him by the criminal justice system. He decided to act upon his discontentment by creating an alter-ego named Mr. Scarlet. Donning a red bodysuit, complete with cowl, gloves, boots, and a yellow belt and cape, Butler set out using a more vigilante method of crime fighting.

Butler’s secretary, Cherry Wade, knew of his dual identity and often aided him in his extracurricular activities as much as she could. Butler’s crime fighting activity as Mr. Scarlet was so successful that his civilian job was in jeopardy. He resorted to finding various odd jobs as a supplement for his needed income. Butler, despite his financial instability, was able to maintain his association with Miss Wade as well as take on a ward. He adopted Pinky and took it upon himself to make the boy his sidekick in fighting crime.

DC: Saved from Obscurity

In the Pre-Crisis DC universe, Mr. Scarlet and Pinky, the Whiz Kid were from Earth-S along with the Marvel Family and the rest of the Fawcett heroes. At one point they were both members of Captain Marvel’s Squadron of Justice (along with Bulletman, Bulletgirl, Spy Smasher, Ibis, the Invincible). The Squadron would meet and team-up with the Justice League of America (Earth-1) and the Justice Society of America (Earth-2) in what was called a “Crisis on Multiple Earths”. The three teams fought King Kull and villains from all three Earths.

Post-Crisis: The Mantle Passes

Butler and Pinky’s were heroes of the 1940s and based in Fawcett City . They were among a small group of heroes called upon by the wizard Shazam to aid in his fight against his daughter Blaze and the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. Blaze was defeated and Shazam contained the Seven within ridiculous containment shells.

Due to Ibis, the Invincible’s spell over Fawcett City to slow the advance of time, Butler and Pinky were able to live longer than normal lives. However, age eventually caught up with Brian Butler and he passed away. Pinky would take up the mantle and become the new Mr. Scarlet.

Mr. Scarlet is seen with Bulleteer searching for Freddy Freeman in the sewers of Fawcett City. Bulleteer references Pinky following a trail. This may be the original Pinky or of Pinky taking up the mantle as the new Mr. Scarlet

Powers & Abilities

Mr. Scarlet is an Olympic level athlete and a skilled acrobat. He also possessed keen investigative skills. Though he rarely used it, he had the ability of flight. It is unknown the extent of speed and maneuverability he had mastery over. Butler also carried a utility belt (much like Batman’s) and a ray gun, which he rarely ever used.

Other Media

Butler was featured as Mr. Scarlet in the board game 'Attorney Clue', a law-based version of the classic Parker Brothers game. The game was released in 2011.


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