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Mr. Punch was one of the chief enforcers for the Mutant Town mob boss, Daniel "Shaky" Kaufman. He was fiercely loyal to Kaufman, and regularly acted as his punching bag to help his boss release his fits of rage. This was no real problem for Mr. Punch, as his mutation made him incapable of feeling pain.


Mr. Punch was created by David Hine and Adi Granov

Major Story Arcs

Mr. M

Mr. Punch assisted Kaufman when he kidnapped the young mutant known as Toad Boy, who was being used by his rival, Filthy Frankie, to make a new drug known as Toad Juice.
When Kaufman attacked Filthy Frankie's club in an attempted hostile takeover, Mr. Punch died when he intercepted a shot from a bazooka that was intended for his boss.

Powers and Abilities

Mr. Punch's mutation made his pain receptors completely inactive, making him incapable of feeling any physical pain. He does not however have any enhanced durability to go along with this, as evidenced by the countless scars that cover his body.

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