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His name is taken from the lyrics of Neil Diamond's song Porkupine Pie (from the album Moods). He appears in the Sons of Empire story arc and in the story Waking Beauty. Porkupine Pie is also the name of the duo's chapter in Sons of Empire. Mr. Porky Pine and Chicken Ripple were two Fables in the Homelands who had banded together with the Gingerbread Man to steal unguarded pies being put out on a windowsill (or other places) to cool. Mr. Porky Pine once convinced a human girl to give him a big kiss, claiming he was an enchanted prince. After the girl ran away with both hands stuck by needles, he explained to the Gingerbread Man and Chicken Ripple that he was actually cursed by a witch, only the curse was, in his own words, a perverse attraction to human women. In the Fables story In Those Days, it is revealed that the porcupine was cursed by a young Frau Totenkinder: Mr. Porky Pine angered Totenkinder by calling human women ugly, and she threw a curse on him that made him desire only human women.

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