Mr. Popo

    Character » Mr. Popo appears in 291 issues.

    Mr. Popo is a character in the manga/anime Dragonball/Z. He is the caretaker of Kami's Lookout and friend to Kami, the guardian of earth.

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    Mr. Popo is an immortal djinn who resides at Kami's light house at the Lookout. He is bound there for eternity as the gardener and caretaker. He has served every other Kami (God) of the Earth since the very beginning of time. Most recently he served under Kami and his successor Dende.

    Mr. Popo showed the heroes of Earth the ship the Nameless Namek arrived on the planet with. With it, they were able to travel to Namek to find the original Dragon Balls and wish Goku back to life.

    Powers & Abilities

    Mr. Popo is capable of incredible speed and, although rarely shown, great fighting ability. He has access to a flying carpet that is capable of instant teleportation. Mr. Popo can fly and levitate as well as consume energy blasts.


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