Mr. Pierce

    Character » Mr. Pierce appears in 3 issues.

    The shadowy leader of the Paybacks, a super-repossession and loan shark organization that takes advantage of the superhero community’s desperation to fight crime.

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    Mr. Pierce was the mysterious benefactor of the Paybacks, an organization that had enslaved hundreds of superheroes by loaning them large sums of money, before capturing them and seizing their property when they failed to pay their debts.

    In truth, “Mr. Pierce“ was actually the infamous supervillain known as the Antiquarian, the so-called “Loan Shark of the Gods.” His only goal appeared to be that of acquiring as many relics, gadgets and weapons as possible. As such, the Paybacks unknowingly served as nothing more than his personal antique collectors.

    However, the Antiquarian was eventually forced to reveal himself after the superhero community, led by the mighty High Guard, went to war against the Paybacks. Though he was initially able to defeat her with ease, he was killed by the original Miss Adventure after being knocked out by the Soviet Nunchuck.

    Powers & Abilities

    Superhero Equipment - The Antiquarian doesn’t appear to possess any superhuman powers. However, he is greatly enhanced by the many gadgets, relics and other equipment he has acquired during his years as a loanshark for the superhero community. His equipment includes a round shield resembling that of Marvel Comics’ Captain America, a war-hammer resembling Thor’s, a metallic chest-plate similar to Iron Man’s and more besides…


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