Mr. Payback

    Character » Mr. Payback appears in 9 issues.

    A vigilante who targets big corporations that he sees as doing harm to the "common man".

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    Mr. Payback started out on his own to punish wealthy coporations that ruined the lives of everyday people. He said he was fighting for the common man. He confronted the Worldwide Investment Corporation with the accuse of destroying the life of thousands of innocents with the investments for profit, and then he murdered their executive board. The CEO and his assistant weren't at the meeting, and when the CEO planned on how to stop the vigilante before the public began to hear to what he was saying, Mr. Payback exploded his helicopter with a rocket launcher.

    Later he shot Robert Leonard, chairman of the Wall Street Investors association and co-owner of Metropolitan Trading Incorporated, right in the middle of a television interview. He then voiced his mission publicly and walked off before the police arrived. He went out to find The Holy and Elite to form a group they would end up calling the Vigilante Squad. They would then seek out the Punisher to lead them.

    He incidentally shot a cleaning lady named Maria Lopez during his assault on WIC, and that was the reason why the Punisher killed him.

    His weapon of choice was an automatic weapon. He also had a dog called Dougie.


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