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Not much is known about the mysterious Mr. Orr, and that's probably exactly the way he likes it. In his earlier appearances, Oracle sent Karate Kid to see Mr. Orr for answers in treating his condition. Orr has worked for Lex Luthor in the past and seems to be answering to Desaad. Mr. Orr runs a black-ops government organization that specializes in military intelligence and combat enhancements. To that end, Mr. Orr created Project M, an experimental program using Cyborg's technology to create cybernetically enhanced super-soldiers.

The project resulted in the creations of the artificially created life force known as Equus, as well as a group of cybernetically enhanced Wildebeest creatures. Cyborg's childhood friend Ron Evers became a test subject as well and was fused with a frame of enforced molybdenum steel and special polymers, much like Cyborg. The implants could also be controlled by Mr. Orr, should a subject start to disobey orders.

Evers became an unwilling killing machine and was sent overseas for a series of field tests in the Middle East. After witnessing the atrocities of war, Ron returned to the and attempted to resign his commission with Project M. Mr. Orr rejected Ron's resignation, leaving the embittered soldier to seek revenge against the people who made him a cyborg. After destroying several S.T.A.R. Labs facilities that sponsored Project M, Evers attacked Sarah Charles and her fiancee, DeShaun, for their role as scientists in the project. Ron's aggressions were halted by Cyborg and the Teen Titans.

In the wake of this attack, Mr. Orr pulled in Victor Stone from 10 years in the future! This future Victor - known as Cyborg 2.0 - was convinced to help Orr in an effort to preserve his own timeline. To stop Cyborg from exposing the secrets of Project M, Orr organized a team he dubbed the " Cyborg Revenge Squad." Led by Cyborg 2.0, this group was comprised of Cyborgirl, Magenta, Gizmo II, Girder, Shrapnel and The Thinker - a team specially designed to take down Cyborg.

The Cyborg Revenge Squad tried to prevent Victor Stone from exposing Mr. Orr's Project M - and that meant executing The Phantom Limbs, who were living proof of the program. But Cyborg defeated the Revenge Squad and saved The Phantom Limbs by initiating a backdoor program left by his father. This program made any cybernetics derived from Silas Stone's work compatible only with Victor's DNA. Sarah Charles and DeShaun also resigned from the project, setting back's Orr's developments substantially. This put an end to Project M - at least for now.


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