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Pulling the right strings
Pulling the right strings

Who or just what Mr. Nobody was remains a mystery.  Hints were given that seemed to indicate that he was, if not something other than human, at least immortal.  Hiding in the shadow, and at times seemingly actually invisible, Mr. Nobody preferred to bring about justice by manipulating the people he watched.  
This power could be done by a subtle nudge in the background, to the outright use of mental influence, pulling some characters about like puppets.  As far as the criminals that he was watching, it was sure that they would soon find circumstance he brought about would bring them to a harsh justice. Whatever the case, Mr. Nobody preferred to remain an unknown presence in the lives he effected, bring doom to evil doers, and aid to the worthy. 


This L. B. Cole character appeared in the short lived Suspense Comics and Terrific Comics from the equally short lived Continental Publishing that would be taken over by Holyoke Comics who would continue some of their characters, but not Mr. Nobody.  His last appearance was in a single issue of the series in Terrific Comics #1.  After that Mr. Nobody was heard from no more, becoming one of comics forgotten heroes.  He is currently in the Public Domain.

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