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    Thaddeus Brown was an extraordinary circus escape artist, and the first person to take up the name of Mister Miracle. He was also secretely member of the Justice Society Dark.

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    New Golden Age

    As a child, Thaddeus Brown escaped his abusive uncle's home in the slums of New York aid journeyed out west. He spent most of his teenage life on the streets of San Francisco, where he first encountered magic performers. Studying sleight of hand. illusion, and escapology, Thaddeus developed the stage name "Mister Miracle" and began performing on street corners to survive, Ultimately, Thaddeus found his place in Hill's Circus, traveling the country. Through his journeys, Thaddeus met his assistant, Oberon, many enemies, and also many allies, who would come to form the mysterious Justice Society Dark. Justice Society Dark's membership and adventures remain relatively unknown, although there was an event in 1945 called the "Storm of Sin" that a handful are aware of.

    Decades after his debut, an ageing Thaddeus would train and mentor both New God Scott Free upon his arrival on Earth and Shilo Norman. Each of these proteges would one day take on the guise of Mister Miracle, carrying on Thaddeus's legacy.

    Shortly after Thaddeus encountered, Scott Free, he was murdered by the gangster Steel Hand. Although the Golden Age Mister Miracle died in view of many, some now say his death was faked, including his son. Ted.


    Mister Miracle was the world's greatest escape artist and a master of escapology, said to be trained by the great escapists of his youth, such as Harry Houdini, Major Zamora, and Doc Cunningham. He also gamed experience with real magic during his adventures leading the Justice Society Dark, but never became a wielder of the mystic arts, preferring to avoid the personal costs he witnessed to those associated with them.

    Major Story Arcs


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    Batman goes to see Thaddeus Brown in Gila, New Mexico because all of his previous teachers are being hunted and killed. But as soon as he arrives Thaddeus warns its a two of them get sucked into a underground deathtrap.

    The pair awaken in a take of water, chained up and surrounded by sharks and other man-eating fish. They escape the deathtrap using a combination of Batman's tech and Thaddeus's escape artist skills.

    Once topside, Batman is attacked by a shapeshifting form which he is able to beat all while protecting an injured Thaddeus. Then once defeating the monster, Thaddeus offers to tag along on Batman's current mission but Batman declines saying, "This is a Solo Mission, Thaddeus"


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