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So, i want to read more of Mr Majestic but i need some advice where i could best start reading and which issues/volumes are necessary to understand his story.

So any help would be greatly appreciated =)

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The first I ever read of him was a trade called Mr. Majestic and it was written by Joe Casey. I'm still new to the Wildcats stuff so you should ask Buckshot since he seems very Wildstorm savy.

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yeah, I'd suggest PM Buckshot about this, he's the expert but that is if he doesn't respond to the thread (which he mostly likely will eventually)

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Cool, i'll contact him about it then if he doesn't respond to this thread in a while =)

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My favorite Majestic stories start when he was in DC (check his comic appearances on his page, they are the two in the Superman books), that leads to this 4-part series, and then into his solo. If you want to know more about him his Wildcats appearances are probably good for that, as well as Wildcats: Nemesis and his other solo series, Wildcats: Team One should be good too.

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Great, thanks! I'll check it out.. i read some of the DC stuff and the Captain Atom in the Wildstorm universe and i really like the character from what i've read of him.

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world's end

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