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    Mr. Majestic is the WildStorm universe's "Superman". He is an alien warrior who has lived on Earth for centuries, often fighting alongside others of his race (as well as humans) against the Daemonites.

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    Lord Majestros was stranded on Earth along with his fellow Kherubim thousands of years ago as a result of a run in with Daemonites in Earth-space. At the time of the crash to Earth, Majestic was a great and powerful warlord and commander of all Kherubim forces on the ship with him. Once on Earth, he devoted his life not only to the battle against the Daemonites, but to the fight against evil in all its forms. Majestros has fought on the side of good for so long that his exploits have been the basis of many myths and legends. He was seen defending Christians from lions at the Roman Colosseum when the WildC.A.T.s went back in time and he was also a member of The Big Three (along with The High and Maximum Man), a team that fought during WW2. Though he's been a hero for thousands of years, he only became a (costumed) superhero in the 40's, and he is best known in the Wildstorm universe for his adventures in the 40's, 50's and 60's.

    Team One

    Team One
    Team One

    As Mr. Majestic, he was a member of I.O.'s super-secret Team 1 in the early 60's but he left the public eye after the team's first catastrophic mission. A Daemonite named Helspont made a move against humanity. He tried to start a nuclear war between the most powerful nations on Earth in order to get humans to destroy themselves so the planet would be empty for the Daemonites. Lord Emp (going by the name Saul Baxter at the time) persuaded the head of I.O. to make a super powered team to combat the growing Daemonite force on US soil. As a part of Team 1, Majestic fought alongside Zealot, John Colt (the mind of Spartan), Think Tank (Henry Bendix), Slay and Isaiah King. As soon as the team was formed, they were sent into battle against Helspont, who had already seized control of a US missile base so he could get access to a nuke. Since Helspont wasn't acting alone, he was more dangerous than they had expected. Along with some Daemonites he had working for him, Helspont had also allied with a man that was known as Slaughterhouse Smith. Smith was a super powered human that could shoot lasers from his eyes and hands as well as fly. He ran a large gang that pretty much owned New York. Helspont thought he would be good to have working with him so he recruited him and his men (one of which would go on to become Pike, a member of Helspont's second The Cabal) to help him. As Helspont got ready to launch the missile, Team 1 arrived and a fight ensued. Team 1 was vastly outnumbered and things quickly got out of hand. Various Team 1 members paired up with named and unnamed villains on Helspont's side, but Helspont himself was locked in battle with Mr. Majestic. Helspont was winning and he launched the missile while he fought Majestic. Things went awry and Majestic had to kill John Colt and couldn't stop the missile from being launched. Fortunately, one member of the team (Regiment) jumped on the missile and destroyed it as it flew, possibly dying in the process. After the disaster that was Team 1, Majestros spent 30 years keeping a low profile somewhere above the Arctic Circle, away from the problems of the world.


    Return to action for the first time
    Return to action for the first time

    Majestic's return to Earth and its struggles came when Zealot and the WildC.A.T.s went to battle against an old enemy, Tapestry. Savant called him in as backup for Zealot, who was planning on facing Tapestry by herself. If she lost, she would have turned evil and gained the power of a god, and Savant knew that Majestic was the only one who could stop her if that happened. Zealot won and since he wasn't needed, Majestic left.

    During "Wildstorm Rising" Majestic met Union and after the usual crossover mix-up they worked together along with all the other Wildstorm heroes in a fight against the Daemonites over a space ship. The good guys won the fight and the WildC.A.T.s took the ship to Khera, but as they left there was a flash of light and everyone thought they had died. In response, Savant got together with Majestic and started building a new team. They recruited Tao, Condition Red and Ladytron. Majestic lead the team in battle but Savant determined who they would go after. Unfortunately, she was being manipulated by Tao, who was maneuvering the new WildC.A.T.s into starting a Gang War.

    The original WildC.A.T.s returned right as the crime war was taking off, but they couldn't stop to help their replacements. Grifter took the team (not including Voodoo and Emp who had left) to Gamorra to help Deathblow and Gen 13. Majestic followed them when he saw the face of the man behind the problems in Gamorra. It was the face of his friend John Colt, a Kherubim he'd been forced to kill during their short time as members of Team 1. His Kherubim body had survived and grown evil so Majestic had to kill him again, this time blasting him to ash. The team returned and now both WildC.A.T.s groups were fighting in the crime war.

    Death of a WildCAT
    Death of a WildCAT

    When everyone found out that Tao was behind it all and went after him, most of the team was defeated by his intellect, mind control and other skills. He fought Ladytron and pulled out the part of her that kept her nuclear power system in check so Majestic had to cut her in half and take her core to space where it blew up. He survived the nuclear explosion and came back just as Tao was about to take out the rest of the team. Majestic was the only one that was able to resist his mind control and mind games. He killed Tao, ended the crime war and saved the WildC.A.T.s. (It gets revealed at the end of the first volume that Tao had "convinced" the shape shifting Mister White to stand in for him and die in his place.)

    After the crime war the other WildC.A.T.s told the new team that the Daemonite war was over and while the group was figuring out what they should do, they were attacked by a Kherubim-hunter named Crusade. He was an enhanced human who was stronger and smarter than he appeared. He was able to go head-to-head with both groups of WildC.A.T.s, Majestic and Union. Savant beat him by messing with his head like Tao used to, and while he was out cold Zealot tried to kill him but Majestic stopped her. After this little episode, Savant quit the team and Majestic left with her in order to protect her.

    Savant Garde

    Majestic's life continued in Savant Garde, a seven part story in which Savant searched for an ancient Mayan artifact. She didn't really want Majestic's company but he knew she needed his protection. On the hunt for the artifact (a mask) they ran into others looking for it, among them, thugs working for Tapestry. Savant used the artifact to escape but ended up in an alternate dimension. Tapestry was the ruler of this dimension and the Katrina Cupertino (pre-Cybernary) there had led a rebellion. Her side had sent the artifact Savant had found to gather champions to fight for them, so Majestic became the leader they needed. He led the rebellion against Tapestry and they won. Eventually Majestic, Savant and a couple others were able to get back to the real world.

    After the events of Savant Garde (and the WildC.A.T.s' time traveling adventure) Majestic was asked by Grifter to be a reserve member of the team but was a little insulted by being considered a second-rate superhero.

    First Solo Series

    Majestic's first solo series (2003) tells the stories of what Majestic really did in the years following Team 1 incident. It turns out that Majestic didn't isolate himself for 30 years; instead, he was working with the government and dealing with unnatural phenomena. He had a partner by the name of Desmond who was an extremely intelligent young cyborg boy. The idea behind the series (according to creators Joe Casey & Brian Holguin) was to have a superhero that - since he was capable of doing just about anything – faces enormous threats that were only limited by imaginations of the writers. It also gave Majestic a chance to use other abilities (his astounding genius for one) and not just his super strength. The first issue takes place after Team One and well before Majestic's involvement with the WildC.A.T.S, but the rest of the series happens closer to that time. The first few issues are before, but starting with the one with Ladytron, the rest seem to be post-WildC.A.T.S.

    His first issue had him facing off against the Cosmic Negator, an immeasurable force of pure nihilistic energy, a threat he found out couldn't really be defeated.

    Reaching godhood
    Reaching godhood

    Instead of trying to fight it, he decided to rearrange the stars, moons and planets in the solar system so it wouldn't be what the entity was looking for. He had to invent gloves that would prevent planets from crumbling under their own mass as he moved them, as well as various machines to keep the Earth at its current environmental settings as he moved it across space. Majestic worked slowly so the alteration of the solar system wouldn't be noticed by those on Earth. The process took many years, but he succeeded in his efforts and the solar-system-devouring being was tricked into leaving Earth (and the rest of the system) alone. After bending space to his will, Mr. Majestic is forced to fight against time itself when a reality warping child puts the world in danger by moving objects (things like nuclear missiles, vikings and Liberace) and events (the parting of the Red Sea for one) backwards and forwards through time with disastrous repercussions. Other adventures included going on a date with Ladytron, containing an intergalactic prison break and dealing with the Ultravixens, a group of super powered, outer space seductresses. One issue actually revealed something about Majestic's past. Apparently, he had a son and had brought him along with him on the Kherubim ship that crashed on Earth so long ago. In issue #4 Majestic gathered some pre-dimensional star-stuff from Otherspace to power the body of the robot he was to place Majestrate's mind into. His son only lived for one issue though; the sleeping star that powered him was the only thing that could stop pre-dimensional black hole that appeared on Earth so he sacrificed himself. In the last few issues Majestic is invited to become of the Universals, (a group of god beings) where he would be given cosmic power so he could be on their level. He accepted, becoming a cosmic god and protector. After defeating an evil version of himself that was created by the process, he leaves Earth and the first solo series ends.

    Mr. Majestic in the DC Universe

    Not fortuitous encounter
    Not fortuitous encounter

    During a strange time-storm that was creating chaos in Metropolis, Superman went missing and Mr. Majestic was left in his place, sent there by a violent quantum event in which a long lost Daemonite scout pulled him through the Bleed (the gateway to different dimensions. He immediately jumped into the empty role of protector of Metropolis, but was simultaneously looking for a way to get back home. The finest minds in the DC Universe tried to help him but when Majestic saw their plan; he knew it would only make things worse. Eradicator was mad that Majestic didn't like the plan that he, Steel and other scientists had come up with, so he trapped Majestic in the phantom zone. A furious Mr. Majestic escaped the Phantom Zone while Eradicator and Superboy were attempting the plan, which consisted of dropping a bomb in the time-storm. He stopped them and saved Metropolis. Superman came back and had a talk with Majestic that revealed other things he had done after saving the city. Apparently he had patched the hole in the ozone layer, stopped California from floating away, thrown 131 metahuman criminals into stasis without trials, moved the entire French air force to Finland for attacking him and took the Green Lantern's ring. After their talk, Majestic went to space and continued working on a machine he had started building to get him back home. He was attacked by Eradicator and they fought until Majestic started reprogramming him. Eradicator tried to self-destruct, resulting in an explosion that destroyed Majestic's machine, flung him back to Earth and gave him amnesia. Majestic lived under the name Jim McArest and rented a room from a school librarian, staying with her and her son until his memory returned. The Daemonite scout responsible for Majestic being stuck on DC's Earth attacked and Majestic fought it with the help of the reprogrammed Eradicator. Afterwards, Eradicator and Superman helped Majestic get back to his world.

    Second Solo Series

    The second series (2005) was more connected to the rest of the Wildstorm Universe in that it dealt with characters other than just Majestic. It started after the short event where Majestic was trapped in DC's Metropolis and replaced Superman. Majestic returned to his Earth with some help from Eradicator and Superman. His home wasn't how he left it though; there were no living things other than plants and he had to find out why by himself since Superman and Eradicator had to get back to their own world. He found out that a space ship had taken every living thing off the planet so he went after it. After a run in with the Plenary he got back the people and animals from Earth and programmed the ship to return the trillions of aliens it had taken from other planets.

    When he returned to the planet he discovered that Daemonites, his old enemies, had taken over and were going to use technology from Kherubim Planet-Shaper to reform the Earth to suit them. To stop them, he got Void's power from Spartan and used it to travel back in time to before the Daemonites appeared. When he was in the past he got Zealot and Desmond to help him get to the Planet-Shaper where they were attacked by Helspont and Biomass. Desmond was bonded with the Planet-Shaper and Helspont made him recount the history of the Kherubim. Majestic was devastated when he discovered that the Kherubim species grew by taking control of planets as their own dominant form of life is evolving and turning them into slaves for more Kherubim and that Daemonites are just a slave species that fought back, not evil creatures.

    Majestic was still in a depression when Javen, an old friend from Khera, returned to make him ruler of all Kherubim. He refused, knowing was all a plot for Javen and the Shaper's Guild to take control, but when Majestic turned him down, Javen paralyzed him so his genes could be extracted. The plan all along had been to trick Majestic and take his genes, since they were pure as a result of his celibacy for the thousands of years he was stranded on Earth. The genes would be used to start a new Kherubim race on Earth. When his genes were to be harvested however, it turned out that Majestic's many trips through time and across dimensions had begun to kill him and he wouldn't live more than a couple months. The next best genes were in Savant, Majestic's daughter from before they landed on Earth, and so Javen went after her. Spartan helped Majestic escape and they both teamed up with Helspont to stop Javen and save Majestic's daughter. Spartan and Helspont dealt with Javen's forces while Majestic fought Javen himself. In his weakened state Javen almost won, but Savant, who had been captured along with a dying Zealot, attacked him from behind and saved Majestic. Majestic made Zealot reveal that Savant was their child before he went to deal with Imperator, another enemy from Khera. He got Desmond to use the Planet-Shaper's holograms to make Imperator think he had blown up the world and killed himself, leaving him in a coma.

    Death by paradox
    Death by paradox

    After everyone had left the Planet-Shaper and Majestic went to shut it down he realized that Helspont had jumped into Desmond's body and controlled the Planet-Shaper which he still planned to use for himself. Majestic could only stop him by changing the codes every time Helspont tried to use the machine. This went on for two and a half months with Majestic getting closer to death every minute. Majestic was about to die when Helspont suddenly shut down. The Planet-Shaper could only remain active while there were living creatures on the planet, but Majestic had calculated that the ship that stole all life from Earth back in the future when he first came back from the DC Universe would be coming right then, so Helspont shut down and Majestic had won. He left the Planet-Shaper and went to a park where he sat on a bench and disintegrated, the toll on his body from traveling time and space finally killing him. Just as he died another Majestic arrived, having just escaped the DC Universe to find his planet empty and void of all life save plants.


    The Wildcats: Nemesis series was printed in the same year as the second solo series, but in the comic universe, may have occurred before it, directly after Savant Garde. Because of the time travel in the second solo series it is hard to tell for sure. Remember kids: time travel is trickier than you think.

    A old, old flame
    A old, old flame

    In the nine-part series Wildcats: Wildcats: Nemesis a lot of Majestic's past (both on Khera and on Earth) was revealed. A Kherubim female called Nemesis was revealed to be going around killing people for some unknown reason. Majestic and the Wildcats went to check it out and got involved in a plot that had been going on since before the Kherubim first crashed to Earth.

    Majestic and Nemesis had met on Khera when she tried to steal his sword. After he caught her, they soon became friends and lovers, and Majestic was able to get her Coda training, something an Adrastean like Charis (her real name) was normally not allowed. Unfortunately, since Charis was an Adrastea, Majestic being with her was frowned upon so they had to stay together in secret. However, their secret wasn't as well hidden as they thought. Kheran politicians, trying to make peace for their planet, chose Majestic to sleep with Zealot, an act that would unite the two most powerful factions on the planet, the Pantheon and the Coda. Majestic felt it was his duty as a Kherubim to do what he was asked of him for the sake of Khera, but the politicians would have blackmailed him by threatening to tell others about Charis if he didn't. Because of his "duty" Majestic and Charis separated, though they still loved each other. They ended up on Earth together though when their ship crashed on the planet. Charis was part of the Coda but was betrayed by another faction (led by her new man Raven) the Brotherhood of the Blade. The Brotherhood had joined with some rogue Daemonites in a plan to overthrow both their people. The first step of this plan was to kill the Coda and frame Charis. They did, leaving only Charis (and Zealot, who had left before the attack) alive among the original Coda. After this, both Zealot and Majestic swore to hunt down Charis (now Nemesis), not knowing that she had also sworn to avenge her sisters. The whole betrayal had taken place in Ancient Greece, and Nemesis hadn't been seen since. It wasn't until 2005 that Majestic found her.

    Majestic, Zealot, Savant, and Grifter found Nemesis in the middle of killing some Brotherhood assassins, though the Wildcats didn't know that was who they were. After she had killed them, the 'Cats tried to stop her from kidnapping a child that was with the men, but Nemesis made short work of the team. She even managed to cut Majestic with a sword (the blade of the sword was made from the metal of a machine that was created to destroy the universe and could cut through anything). She escaped with the child (named Kara) but Majestic and the team eventually find her.

    Before the Wildcats could arrive though, Daemonites found Charis and Kara and managed to take them by surprise, but she was able to hold her own until Majestic arrived looking to take Kara back and to kill Charis. After surrounding herself and Kara with a forcefield, Charis blew up the building, with Daemonites and Majestic caught in the explosion. Majestic survived though and used his former relationship with Nemesis to take her down.

    Majestros took both of them to a Halo Corporation building in New York City. While there, Charis revealed the truth behind her "betrayal" and also explained what was going on with the girl. The Brotherhood (and their Daemonite allies) had been mutating humanity (by polluting water all over the world) since they had betrayed the Coda and their people in Ancient Greece. The girl was created as an activator to trigger the mutations so Nemesis was keeping her safe so the Brotherhood couldn't use her to control humanity. Majestic and Zealot accepted her story (after some tests of their own), but before Nemesis could be released, a Brotherhood spacecraft (a Bladeship) emerged from a bleed portal and fired hundreds of projectiles into the Halo building with the Wildcats (and Nemesis) inside.

    The projectiles were Scimitars, Brotherhood/Shaper hybrids, living weapons born and bred to kill. Majestros saved Nemesis at the last minute from being cut in half by a Scimitar. While Majestic was fighting some of the Scimitars, Kara was kidnapped and the Bladeship attacked. After the Brotherhood ship bombarded the building with plasma canons, Charis was the last one standing, thanks to her force field. Following the Scimitar that had captured Kara onto the ship, she came face to face with Raven, the leader of the Brotherhood. She was too late to stop him from activating the girl, and the resulting blast knocked her off the flying ship and to the ground.When she awoke, she was with Majestic, Zealot, Grifter and Savant. It was then that Majestic and Zealot called a truce with Nemesis and offered her the chance to finally avenge her slain sisters of the Coda. Majestic, Nemesis and the Wildcats battled the human mutates in New York City, while other Wildstorm teams fought mutates all over America.

    Savant located the Brotherhood's battleship in space, and teleported all the Wildcats (except Majestic) using the Halo Corporation teleportation system. On board they found that Raven had the entire population of New Jersey frozen in status pods as hostages. He was ready to kill them if the Wildcats didn't surrender. Nemesis, being a Coda warrior, was unable to surrender, and threw out some special grenades, taking out the Brotherhood and buying time for her to send the hostages back to Earth and set the ship to self-destruct. Nemesis was able to locate Kara and free her, but she was attacked by a Daemonite and was about to be shot. Grifter, deeply in lust with Nemesis, took the hit for her. Savant tried to teleport the team back, but there weren't enough beacons to get them all back, so Nemesis gave hers to Kara. She also gave Grifter a goodbye kiss and told Zealot to tell Majestros that had she not sacrificed herself, she would have showed him what he was missing for the past three millenia.

    Ashes still burn
    Ashes still burn

    After the Wildcats were gone, Charis faced off against Raven. Raven also had a blade forged from the material that allowed Charis' blade to cut through anything, so when they fought, it was especially dangerous. They fought and Nemesis won, but in killing Raven, she had damaged the ship and she was sucked out into open space. It was then that Majestic returned, saving her from certain death since the force fields she had activated when she was sucked out, were losing power. Back at the Halo Corporation building in New York City, Majestros asked Charis to stay with him and be with him as well as join the Wildcats. She turned him down, and after one last kiss went on her way to more adventures.

    Some things revealed about Majestic throughout the mini-series that had been previously unknown:

    -Majestic had been romantically involved with Charis of the Adrastea (Nemesis).

    -Majestic and Zealot's night together had been politically arranged for peace on Khera.

    -Majestic was once a cowboy in the Old West.

    -Majestic had been (and technically still is) the leader of all Kherubim on Earth.


    The exact timing of the events that took place in the Captain Atom: Armageddon are unsure as a result of Mr. Majestic's time travel. The beginning includes events that shouldn't have occurred since time was rewritten. However, it can be said for sure that the story came after everything else, since at the end of Armageddon, the Wildstorm Universe was destroyed and restarted, leaving no time for anything else.

    During Captain Atom: Captain Atom: Armageddon, the DC hero Captain Atom was somehow transported to the Wildstorm Universe, and of course, the first native hero he ran into was Mr. Majestic. Majestic didn't give Atom a chance to explain what he was doing on his planet, he just started hitting him, though he wasn't actually trying to kill him. After getting tossed around like a rag doll, Atom got mad and blasted Majestic, stunning him, then punched him into the ground. Before Majestic returned, Atom flew away to find out where he was.

    Helping Captain Atom
    Helping Captain Atom

    After finding out that he wasn't anywhere like his Earth, Atom flew around trying to think of a way to get home. He then came up with the idea to fly as fast as he possibly could, thinking that maybe that would get him back home. He tried it, but as he flew, Majestic caught up to him and passed him, then stopped him, telling Atom that he was there to help, not fight. Majestic took Atom to his base in Mount Rushmore to fill him in on what was going on. Majestic apparently knew more about what was going on than Atom did. He knew that Atom had come from the DC Universe's Earth, but even using the most sophisticated of computers and his own smarts, he couldn't figure out a way to get him back to his world. Atom decided to see if he could get help from other heroes but Majestic warned him against the idea. He told Atom that some of the other heroes (specifically The Authority) were not to be trusted, but Captain Atom left anyway. Once he was gone, Majestic returned to his base only to get a disturbing message. According to the machine, if Captain Atom wasn't returned to his Earth, he would start a reaction that would destroy the entirety of the Wildstorm Universe.

    Still helping Captain Atom. Really.
    Still helping Captain Atom. Really.

    Majestic went to find Atom and found him outside at White House. This time Captain Atom attacked Majestic without warning, angry at him and other super heroes in his universe that seemed to have normal humans (including the President who he'd just met) trembling in fear. Majestic didn't fight back since he had come to talk. Instead, he let Atom yell and fight. When he was done, Atom spit in Majestic's face, causing him to hurl Atom into the Washington Monument. After that, he told Atom what he'd found out about the destruction Atom would cause if he didn't get home. He also told Captain Atom that if he sacrificed himself, he could save everyone. Atom was stunned and left to check that out with other sources. Atom used his powers to access some special computers and learned that Majestic was telling the truth and having a fight with the Wildcats, Atom met The Authority. The team tried to use the Bleed to get Captain Atom back home, but to no success. Meanwhile, Mr. Majestic kept running the numbers on his computer to find a solution. The only thing he found was more bad news. He discovered that even if Atom sacrificed himself and died, he'd still destroy the universe. Majestic went to The Carrier, The Authority's base, to talk to Jack Hawksmoor. Jack told him that The Authority had a plan, to have the Engineer do some subatomic changes to Captain Atom, which she did and seemed like had worked.

    Unfortunately, it hadn't worked. Atom came into contact with Void and reacted violently, cluing everyone in to the fact that he still posed a threat to the universe. Against Mr. Majestic's advice, Jack Hawksmoor sent Authority members Apollo and Midnighter (after the Engineer failed) to kill Captain Atom. While they were fighting, Majestic ran more checks on his computer and kept getting the same response. If Atom stayed, the universe would die, and if he died (which was becoming more and more likely thanks to the fight going on) it would still be destroyed. Majestic flew back up to the Carrier to confront Jack about his flawed plan but The Doctor used his magic to freeze time around Majestic so he couldn't do anything.

    Midnighter and Apollo managed to bring Atom back to the Carrier and were about to kill him when he started to glow. He was getting ready to explode and erase the universe and no one could stop him. After Apollo and Midnighter were killed just by touching him, The Doctor unfroze Majestic to see if he could help. He knew he couldn't so he just stood there waiting for the end. Right then, as it was about to end, Void appeared. She went to Atom and removed a piece of herself from his body. The tiny shard of her essence had somehow lodged itself in Atom and had been causing all the problems. Once removed, Atom was able to return to his Earth, but the Wildstorm Universe was still going to be expunged. In one final flash of light, everything that was in the Wildstorm Universe was gone.


    An alternate vision
    An alternate vision

    After the events of Captain Atom: Armageddon, the Wildstorm Universe wasn't gone forever. Instead, it was restarted, and though most characters were still present, many individuals and teams had been changed. After the Worldstorm reboot, Mr. Majestic had been affected, but came out mostly unscathed. He was changed in some ways but those changes seemed to fit his previously established character.

    Mr. Majestic appeared briefly in the first volume of the Wildstorm universe relaunch WildCats v4 but not much was known about this new incarnation except that he wore a helmet now. He arrived in time to save Zealot from a horde of Daemonites by turning them into ash and vapor with one blast from his eyes. He then fell to his knees and told her that he had gazed over the rim of the universe and seen the future and that Earth was in trouble. According to Grant Morrison, the writer behind this new chapter in the Wildcats history, Majestic has been re-imagined as mercenary superhero that's done everything a superhero could ever do "from the beginning of time to the end and into other dimensions and beyond." He continues to fight evil in all it's forms wherever he finds it, but is now "more existential and alienated, pondering the great questions of life, death and being."

    After that, Majestic had two appearances. The first was in the Countdown crossover Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer: Wildstorm where Majestic stopped a fight between The Authority and the DC characters that had come to the Wildstorm Universe's Earth in search of Ray Palmer.

    The Worldstorm reboot kind of fell through so this path has been more or less forgotten. However, Majestic's current costume shares some elements of the one he had in Worldstorm so there may be some connections. The exact placement of the Search for Ray Palmer story is in question. It may have happened in Worldstorm or it may have happened sometime before World's End. Also, the issues of Wildcats from Worldstorm that were never finished may turn up collected some time in the future.

    World's End

    Ruler of Hawaii
    Ruler of Hawaii

    With the failure of the Worldstorm reboot Wildstorm went in a different direction. His first appearance on the road to this new status quo was in the future. Nemesis was sent forward in time by Void to learn enough about the coming Armageddon to prevent it. In this future the world had been overrun by hybrids (both human-daemonite and human-kherubim) and most normal humans that weren't being protected by superheroes were dead. At this point in time, Mr. Majestic had become an enemy of the Wildcats because of his effort to create a New Khera in Hawaii. This threw him into conflict with his former team because he was taking technology from them (since their base had survived mostly intact) as well as survivors to populate the utopia he was building. Nemesis left this future and went back to her time to prevent it so it was unknown if that future would come to pass. Majestic next appeared as part of Nemesis' efforts to fix the world. She and her partners (Savant and Jet) needed access to his technology so she spent a night with him to distract him from their break in. He knew what was going on but didn't stop them. When they seemingly succeeded in preventing the apocalypse Nemesis ended up in bed with Majestic again.

    It turned out though that not only had Nemesis failed to save the world, she'd actually been tricked (by Tao) into damning it. The future that Tao had made Void show her became more than just a possibility because of her actions. Not everything was exactly the same but enough of it was so that Majestic ended up following the path his future self had taken, kidnapping humans to bring them to what he considered sanctuary and performing raids on the Halo building for some of the last useful technology on Earth. His purpose, he said, was to create a new Khera on Earth, using the best aspects of his home planet before the corruption that changed it. Because Majestic had been near Hawaii when the world ended he had protected it and it came out almost unscathed and with his protection and leadership it is one of the few places in the world better than before World's End. From the perspective of the Wildcats though, it seems that Majestic is incredibly close to becoming the kind of dictator that they had seen before.


    Wildcats & The JLA
    Wildcats & The JLA

    In a crossover that occurred right in the middle of the crime war, Majestic and the WildC.A.T.s meet the JLA, who had been sent to their world after a fight with Epoch, the Time Lord. For a second it looked like for once there wouldn't be the usual crossover misunderstanding, but Majestic told Superman that if he scanned him again he'd rip Superman's head off his shoulders and as a result was punched through a building. Then the fight broke out. Before the teams could do too much damage to each other, Majestic and Superman straightened everything out and both teams went to the JLA's Earth and defeated Time Lord (mostly thanks to Void and Green Lantern). Superman said they should sit down and talk, but Majestic's team had to go back home and finish up the crime war, so they left.

    Heroes Reborn: WW3
    Heroes Reborn: WW3

    During the World War 3 event of Heroes Reborn, Mr. Majestic was an honorary Avengers. Instead of serving on the team full-time, he was a superhero in Brazil. He came back to the team when they were planning a full-scale attack on Doctor Doom, Helspont and the Skrulls. While they were planning the assault in the Stormwatch Satellite, it was destroyed along with everyone in it. Only the Invisible Woman, Maul (both in one of Sue's force fields) and Majestic survived the explosion. Majestic wasn't hurt, but his face was horribly scarred. The three of them became part of another team and went on to battle against Helspont and the Skrulls.

    X-Men /WildC.A.T.s
    X-Men /WildC.A.T.s

    Majestic appeared in another crossover with the Marvel Universe in a four part series that merged the Image and Marvel Universes together from their very beginnings. In the series, the teams had always shared the same world and members of the WildC.A.T.s and the X-Men had crossed paths at key points in time, but Mr. Majestic was one of the last WildC.A.T.s to be featured. The teams had met in the Golden Age (Wolverine and Zealot), the Silver Age (Jean Grey and Grifter) and the Modern Age (complete teams) but Majestic didn't show up until the last book, in a post-apocalyptic "Dark Age". In this future, the Daemonites had stolen Sentinel technology and bonded it with their bodies and became more powerful than ever. With this new power they were able to increase their numbers and to over America. (For some reason, becoming part machine had driven them insane and they stopped their expansion after seizing America.) Once they had America, they somehow defeated most of the superheroes and imprisoned the X-Men and the WildC.A.T.s. The less powerful ones were allowed to roam freely (depowered of course) but the more powerful ones, like Mr. Majestic (as well as Cable, Phoenix and Zealot) were held captive in special containment units. By sacrificing his life, Warblade was able to return the powers of the free mutants and C.A.T.s, who in turn released Majestic and the others. With Cable's time travel powers they planned to go back in time and prevent the Daemonites from making the world what it had become, either by destroying the X-Men (removing the need for the creation of the Sentinels) or by destroying the Kherubim (so the Daemonites wouldn't follow them to Earth). It was Majestic that decided that the Kherubim would be the ones to die, so when the team went back, they blew up the Kherubim ship before it reached Earth, removing them from history and creating the Marvel Universe.

    Altered Image's Witchestic
    Altered Image's Witchestic

    Back when Mr. Majestic was a character in the Image Universe, he and 5 other heroes (The Maxx, Spawn, Witchblade, Shadowhawk and Savage Dragon) go an adventure through time in an effort to put reality back to normal. It starts when The Maxx wakes up and discovers that reality isn't as it should be. He quickly rounds up Majestic and the others and they set off to fix it, but to make things worse, as reality continues to change, the heroes get merged in strange ways. In the first round of distortions, Majestic and Witchblade get "smooshed" into the same being. "Witchestic" (and everyone else since they have to see Majestic in basically a thong) suffers through this ordeal until the next change in reality where the group is found back in Medieval times. While the others are earlier incarnations of themselves, Majestic (being immortal and having actually been alive back then) is still himself, but goes by the name Sirrah Majestick and acts like a knight. After fight a dragon (Savage Dragon) and saving a woman (Witchblade) the group finds itself in another time where the reason for their travels is revealed. There is a girl somewhere whose dreams warp reality and only those six heroes could wake her up. Because of some of their characteristics (Majestic was immortal so he existed forever, The Maxx existed in another reality, some reincarnated or had their names passed down through time, etc) they were the six "universal constants" and so were able to navigate a changing reality. With this information they eventually found the girl and after uniting their powers, were able to wake her and set things right.

    The Big Chill
    The Big Chill

    In the one shot Majestic: The Big Chill, Majestic is one of the last living beings at the end of time. The only other things still alive are a near-omnipotent superhero from another cosmos, a hyper-intelligent strain of syphilis, an enlightened engine, a god, the spirit of arithmetic, a daemonic duke, a Jew, and the last vampire. Some of them weren't content to just die, so Majestic took the Jew, the vampire and the disease (living in the vampire) out into space to look for anything other than death. Along the way, Majestic built a functioning ship out of space junk and dropped the Jew off in an ice field he found beautiful. Majestic let the vampire drink his blood so she wouldn't die but he couldn't give her enough to keep her well. Just as she was going to die something attacked the ship and took both of them. The thing that took them was none other than Spartan, who had somehow grown to become something more than a god. He absorbed Majestic, the vampire and the virus into himself and together they restarted the whole of existence.


    No Caption Provided

    Khera is the planet that all the Kherubim in the various Image and Wildstorm titles originate from. To outsiders, Khera seems like a utopia, with its highly advanced technology, crime-free cities and fair government. In reality this is the furthest thing from the truth. Despite how things may have been in the past, present-day Khera is a planet populated by elitists. They live in a system that separates people by race, sex, species and type of superhuman ability. There are 3 types of being that are considered true Kherubim on Khera. The Pantheon (of which Mr. Majestic is a member) consists of males, who all have a Superman power set. They are the "most highly evolved members of the Kheran nobility". After the Pantheon there are males and females who are "normal" by Kheran standards. All their physical attributes are superhuman (though not nearly as high as that of Pantheon members) and they extremely long lived. The Coda (of which Zealot is a member) are the females who are trained from birth to be warriors. The Pantheon and the Coda make up the government of Khera and are usually in opposition. The Pantheon prefers to ignore their violence-filled past and strive for intellectual and scientific advances. The Coda feels they should always be ready for war and actively looking to conquer others. In both groups there are Lords, beings with vast psychic powers and the ability to control energy. The last group is the Shaper's Guild. Genetically they are not true Kherubim but they are not considered different by the other two groups. The Shapers are all like Warblade; they can turn their bodies into liquid metal, shape it, and harden it into various bladed weapons as well as create projectiles. They are the architects and engineers of Khera. There is also a whole population of sentient robots like Spartan that are used for personal protection. The Titanthropes, or Titans, are the original race of Khera. They live underground and are used for heavy labor. Maul was a Titan-human hybrid. They are treated unfairly by the "true" Kherubim and not considered as good as even the human-Kherubim hybrids, but they are not as bad off as the Daemonites. After the war, all Daemonites were made slaves. They are the lowest of society and live in the hidden ghettos of Khera. Majestic knows Khera has changed but he doesn't mind, he hasn't been on his home planet in thousands of years.

    Every Kherubim is a member of one of 7 military factions. They are called factions like membership is a choice, but membership is decided when a Kherubim is born and is connected to the type of being each Kherubim is. Since Majestic is a member of the Kherubim Pantheon, he is automatically a Warlord, basically the captains of the Kheran army that lead other Kherubim into battle and thanks to their amazing abilities can handle the biggest threats on their own. He was bred to be a Warlord and has proven himself to be a great leader and warrior, even becoming the commander of an entire fleet and ranking Kherubim on all of Earth. (See Khera for more about the other factions.)

    In Majestic, Mr. Majestic's second solo series, the true history of Khera and the Kherubim was revealed. The original Kherubim came from somewhere else a long time ago and the Kherubim race that exists now are just copies, made and distributed through space thanks to Kherubim Technology. The first Kherubim created Planet-Shapers, massive terraforming machines that could be sent to suitable planets and through a long process, would rebuild the Kherubim race there. The Planet-Shapers would land on a still-forming planet and stay dormant beneath the mantle until sentient life evolved on the planet. At this point, the Planet-Shaper would release Kherubim (made inside the machine from "pure Kherubim gene-stock" it carried) and the natural sentient race of the planet would be made into a servitor race. To ensure that the new Kherubim flourished, the Planet-Shapers would restructure climate and geographic conditions to best suit the Kherubim. Also, giant robots would come from the Planet-Shapers and kill most of the servitor race, thinning down their numbers so they would never pose a threat to the new Kherubim. Sometimes the native sentient race was considered "unusable or deviant" and therefore had to be destroyed. The Daemonites (the Kherubim's worst enemy) are just a slave species that were able to fight back, not actually evil creatures. The only people that know this secret history are Mr. Majestic, Zealot and Helspont.



    In the past, Majestic and Zealot had a relationship and ended up with a child. The child was Savant. She could not be a warrior and a mother so Zealot gave her daughter to her mother and pretended that she and Savant were sisters. She told Majestic the child did not survive and since most Kherubim can't have children, he didn't question her. She knew the truth however and out of shame, usually avoids Majestic when she can and acts like she's angry at him when she can't. (In Mr. Majestic's second solo series the truth was revealed to him, but exactly what he did with the information is unknown. The revelation might have been undone after Worldstorm so the Majestic/Zealot/Savant relationship may be a secret again.) Sometime after this Majestic had a son he named Majestrate with a woman who is never named. Majestrate was on the Kherubim ship when it crashed on Earth and he died. Thousands of years later Majestic resurrected him by putting a copy of his mind into a robot he powered with pre-dimensional star-stuff he gathered from a dimension called Otherspace. The reborn boy brought Majestic great happiness but not for long. When Majestic had taken the star-stuff it caused reaction that ended up creating something like a black hole on Earth. The only way to correct it was for Majestrate to throw himself into it. Majestic didn't want him too, but the boy wouldn't be stopped, he sacrificed himself to save the planet, throwing his father into a deep depression.


    The reason Majestic acts the way he does is because of his massive ego. He knows that he's a full-blooded Kherubim Lord and likes others to know it too. He feels it's his duty to protect those who aren't as great as him, which in his eyes is everyone. In fact, he believes he's so superior to the people on this planet that he won't even have relationships with human women. Because he was born and trained as a Kheran Warlord, Mr. Majestic has very draconian views on the way things should be. He has power so he uses it, and he rarely, if ever, holds back against his enemies. When he was stuck in Metropolis, he took a stand against criminals in a way Superman never had, throwing them in stasis without giving them fair trials, even having to take on the Justice League when they showed their disapproval. Mr. Majestic does what he knows is right, whether other people want him to or not.

    Being a scientist, Majestic is incredibly curious, which has come back to bite him more than once, most notably when his study of a Daemonite outpost resulted in him being stuck in the DC universe. And just like almost every other scientific genius, Majestros invests most of his time (when not battling the forces of evil) shut off from others. He doesn't socialize with heroes or civilians and as a result is very distant. When compared to Superman, Majestic comes off as more superhuman, more alien, more god like, but less human and less real. While Superman is a part of the world he protects, Majestic flies above it and looks down on the people there. His biggest flaw is his inability to relax and and get in touch with the world. One of the times he was really able to let loose and enjoy himself was when he was able to bring his son back to life, but when Majestrate died saving the world, Majestic returned to his normal self. That's not to say that Mr. Majestic is always a closed off, stuck up jerk. The majority of the time he can be like that, but he has his fun too.

    Powers & Abilities

    Kherubim Lord Physiology

    Mr. Majestic is part of a nearly immortal race of warriors known as the Kherubim. Unlike the lesser caste however he is a Kherubim of imperial blood offering a host of cosmic tier physical and mental abilities blessed upon all high lords or his caste.

    Drahn Evolution

    The Drahn (creatures capable of prompting evolution in creatures) allowed Majestic to become vastly more powerful than the rest of his kind, like Thor is for the Asgardians.

    Super Strength

    The ability to lift far in excess of 100 tons effortlessly. He has rearranged most of the planets in the solar system by just pushing them from his own power, stalemated Helspont (who is in Majestic's strength class), and has crushed graphite into diamonds in order to pay for a meal. He has also moved continents by sheer output of force from his body.

    Super Speed

    Majestic has the ability to travel at hundreds of times FTL (Faster Than Light) in space. On one occasion he flew across the entire universe (some 13.5 billion light years) in 4 months. He also can perceive events in nanosecond time.

    Superhuman Reflexes

    Majestic possesses nano-second reaction time, as shown in his fight with Spartan Guards. He has also proved capable of viewing particles moving six times faster than the speed of light. He even appears to teleport (even by the eyes of superhumans) due to how fast he can react in combat.

    Super Stamina

    Majestic is almost unable to tire. Majestic does not require sustenance or rest.

    Super Hearing

    The ability to hear any sound at any volume or pitch. Majestic can pick a single voice in an entire city, hear every sound on Earth as it happens, and even hear screams in space, where there is no air for sound waves to travel through (meaning Majestic has a mental telepathy associated with sound).

    Super Smell

    Majestic's olfactory abilities are sharp enough to detect the differences between universes and parallel worlds.

    Freeze/Squall Breath

    The ability to of enhanced olfactory exhalation, relative to freezing solid objects with his breath or knocking them over with gale force. Majestic was capable of freezing a ship while space with his super breath (meaning his breath had to have been hundreds of times colder than the coldness of space). Even managing to suck up an evil alternate self of his back into his being when he became a cosmic level entity.


    Majestic's durability is almost equal to Superman's. Majestic has withstood a nuclear bomb and suffered no ill effects afterward.


    Majestic, being a Kherubim, is immune to all diseases, and is enormously long lived. Even the immortal lifetime of something like a vampire is nothing but a blink in the eye of Majestic's life span. Despite being thousands of years old, Majestic does age, albeit slowly.

    Healing Factor

    Majestic can heal from cuts, bruises, and even from being stabbed in the chest in seconds. Recovering from a broken neck even took several weeks to mend.


    Can hover or fly in any direction via manipulation of gravitons (massless subatomic particles that carry the force of gravity).

    Telescopic Vision

    Can view things happening miles away as it happens.

    Micro/Macro Vision

    Can perceive things happening even on the subatomic level.

    Electromagnetic Vision

    The ability to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum, proven when he was capable of viewing gamma energy contained in a nuclear bomb.

    X-Ray Vision

    The ability to see through any object.

    Heat Vision

    Two red hot beams that Majestic controls at will. He can use them as minor lasers with which he can heal wounds, or he can make them be hotter in order to burn or melt through any substance.

    Energy Manipulation

    Majestic can discharge any manor of energy he has on hand however he see's fit, be it fired from either his hand or his eyes along a wide spectrum of different dynamistic forces. Discharging heavy concussion beast strong enough to stagger SPB's like Union or Eradicator, rearranging the subatomic structure of said kryptonian bioandroid to make him more self-aware and also charging his fists with energy to increase his punching strength to insurmountable degree's.

    Psionic Abilities

    Like all royalty of the Kherubim, Majestros is allotted unique psychic abilities that others of his race are not. In rare instances he's shown to be an avid psychokinetic given his ability to move objects with the power of his thoughts.

    Reality Alteration

    When Mr. Majestic became a Universal, he gained the ability to make his thoughts become reality. Even before this he underwent a rite of passage in order to shift the cosmic axis, turning earths stat into a twin sun to fool a galaxy devouring predator.

    Notable Feats

    A description of what Mr. Majestic can do, doesn't show what he has done. This section provides just a few examples of Majestic's abilities.


    During issue #1 of Mr. Majestic, he moves around the solar system and performs a variety of feats. Aside from moving around planets, Majestic uses his eye-beams to change the chemical composition of Jupiter, catches a comet and adds it as another planet to the solar system, and spends weeks in the center of the sun. Before he leaves he does something involving ancient rituals and secret equations to become one with the cosmos. It only takes moment, but in that time he's able to alter reality to create a brand new sun.

    After a ship the size of a mountain crashes on Earth, he picks it up and flies it to Pluto in under two hours. Majestic moved a literal mountain-sized object at multiples of light speed.

    At one point, Majestic is transported to the DC Universe. In Metropolis, he flies into a diner for some coffee and realizes he has no money. To pay for his drink, he crushes a pencil into diamonds.


    In the same issue( Majestic #1: Cosmology) he flies (under his own power) out of the Milky Way Galaxy and back to Earth in less than a year, which puts him somewhere around a few thousand times faster than light.

    He also traveled from Earth to Saturn in less time than it took one of his enemies to utter a sentence.


    In Savant Garde, Majestic and Savant are sent to an Earth heavy in magic users. He shows some major magical resistance here, ignoring powerful magical blasts being thrown at him. He even gets turned to stone and has turned himself back to normal by the next page.


    When Majestic and the WildC.A.T.s were being attacked by a shape-shifting building, he scans it on a molecular level and decides he needs to go build something. On the very next page, he's returned. He's researched and built a brand new piece of technology almost instantly.

    When attacked by an upgraded Eradicator later on(while he's in the DC Universe) Majestic uses his laser vision to manipulate photons in order to reprogram Eradicator in mere moments. In addition to super strength, super speed, super intelligence, multi-purpose laser vision, and energy/matter manipulation powers,

    Enhances Senses/Vision Powers

    Majestic also has super senses. He uses his eyesight to detect the radiation of an active nuclear warhead. When sent to the DCU, he smells the difference between dimensions. He also uses his sense of smell to detect the difference in the atomic structure of matter and also measure the disturbance in causality and the way time flows. That's four dimensional senses. He is also able to see the Kirlian auras (life force) of the people around him. One of the greatest examples of his durability was when he stood at the center of an explosion that destroyed Earth and orbiting matter (the moon), and survived.


    In the Wildstorm Universe Mr. Majestic is seen one of two ways by most people, either as the perfect hero and a symbol of all that's right, or as an arrogant and stuck up person that thinks he's better than everyone else. This is true for most super powered beings in the Wildstorm Universe but since Mr. Majestic is widely considered to be the best (by everyone, whether they like him or not), he gets it the most. The vast majority of his supporters are other (super powered) heroes and people he's worked with. Many believe that whatever side Majestic is on is the right one (and the one that's going to win). Even by the few heroes who don't like him, he is respected. Most of the normal population also sees Mr. Majestic as a hero and there are even toys and posters of him. Young heroes (as seen in The Intimates) often idolize him and wish to be just like him. The people who don't like him are usually those who work with or in the government and feel that Mr. Majestic (and "heroes" like him) cause more damage and chaos than the villains they fight. Majestic doesn't pay much attention to the negative press and does his self-appointed duties no matter what others say.

    What People Are Saying About Mr. Majestic

    Joe Casey and Brian Holguin on writing the (first) Mr. Majestic solo series:

    "Mr. Majestic, a very cool character who had never really had the chance to fully shine on his own. But the possibilities were endless. Done right, it would be a book where the only limitations would be our own imaginations. A book that delivers galaxy-spanning tales of adventure and heroism, from the edge of the universe to the core of an atom. No more reluctant heroes who wear their dysfunctions like laurels. No more constraints on the type of story that could be told in a comic. It felt right."

    Steve Parker on Joe Casey and Brian Holguin's version of Mr. Majestic:

    "A bit of a rarity for recent times. A character in the Superman mould, written with genuine wit and enthusiasm, who was retro and cliché at times, but always kept at least one eye on the future."

    Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning:

    "Majestic is anything but a Superman knockoff. He's a principled, skilled, sometimes ruthless warrior, a champion of his world, an explorer, an inventor, and an outsider to the human race rather than an adopted son."

    Neil Googe:

    "He has all of Superman's abilities....strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, heat vision etc, but...he has the intelligence of Reed Richards and the attitude and fighting ability of Batman. All in all he's one serious bad ass."

    Grant Morrison:

    "I'm playing Majestic almost as a mercenary superhero—a guy who's seen and done everything a superhero could imagine doing—from the beginning of time to the end and into other dimensions and beyond. And like an old soldier, he can't stop fighting monsters, saving worlds, challenging evil wherever he can find it. He travels the galaxy righting wrongs, while growing increasingly more existential and alienated, pondering the great questions of life, death and being."


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