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    Mister M lived in Mutant Town and led a quiet and reclusive life. His psionic abilities give him power over almost anything at an atomic level, allowing him to do virtually anything he can imagine.

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    Before Mutant Town

    He is a man shrouded in mystery but it is known that he was on the run before he arrived in Mutant Town. Once there he lived a reclusive life only leaving his apartment at night to get drunk.

    Life in Mutant Town

    On the odd occasions that he did intervene in the lives of those in his neighborhood it was often met with anger and hatred. He once rescued Toad Boy from rivaling gang lords, killing a guard by phasing his hand through the chest and squeezing the heart. He then cured Toad Boy of his mutant power to release hallucinogenic fumes and drug-like secretions ("Toad Juice"). After returning the boy to his mother he was hated as she - and many other citizens - had become addicted to Toad Juice.

    When he saw a premonition's painting of himself as a destroyer he decided the only way to help Mutant Town was to end it. So despite Bishop and Ishmael's attempts to stop it he accomplished his deed when his neighbor and friend Hannah Levy asked him if he would take it back. He told her if he could that he would so Lara the Illusionist (hired by Ishmael) dropped the illusion and revealed that he had done nothing and Bishop had absorbed the energy output.

    Aftermath of M-Day

    After M-Day he remained powered and visited his friend Hanna in the hospital where she had become traumatized after the hordes of insects that attacked her after she lost her power. He healed her mind and then took her advice to go to the Xavier Institute on foot.

    It seems that his control over his powers had advanced when he arrived as some shows of his powers included: brushing away a Sentinel like a toy when it almost stepped on a rare species of caterpillar, creating and evolving a pterodactyl, restoring Lorelei's mutant hair that had been cut off by Purity members and creating force fields to stop warring between the 198 and the Sentinels.

    All are concerned about his attitude and god-like abilities as he is an Omega-level mutant. He begins a relationship with Lorelei and gains followers when the tracking chips true purpose is revealed and he removes them from the 198. Mister M leads them to an island by walking on water. The X-Men try to convince them to return but a mind-controlled Erg attacks Cyclops who retaliates, only to be defeated by Mister M who says he shall protect his followers.


    One of his many followers, Johnny Dee, was ordered by General Demetrius Lazer of the O.N.E. to use his voodoo dolls to kill Mister M. Johnny then makes a voodoo doll of both Leech and Magma for his plans. Leech is forced to de-power Absolom while Magma obliterates him.

    Over the night, Lorelei and Leech watch over his casket falling asleep. When they awake they are surrounded in butterflies, and Absolom's body is gone. He wishes for them to grieve no longer and sends them a message, "Some things do not die...THEY EVOLVE!"


    Mister M is one of the most powerful mutants in the universe and as such is ranked amongst those known as Omega-level mutants. If he were to reach his full potential he could possibly be beyond Omega-level. He has utter control over the form and structure of matter and has displayed: repair of machinery, intangibility, healing injuries of both himself and others, removal or augmentation of superhuman qualities and the creation and evolution of lesser life forms. He can also manipulate energy which has allowed him to generate lightning, fire, explosions and the ability to create force fields. The full extent of his abilities are unknown.


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