Mr. Keeper

    Character » Mr. Keeper appears in 78 issues.

    A mysterious keeper of souls who resides in heaven and who guides the hero Kid Eternity.

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    Golden age-version

    A soul in Heaven, who was one of those who are responsible for other souls. When Kid Eternity died and was given powers, he was sent back to earth with the boy, to look after him and help him.

    He was about two million years old, lazy, not in shape and plump. He acted as a slight comedic relief.

    This version is in public domain.

    DC Comics

    He was rebooted in the Kid Eternity mini-series.

    He brought about the hero KID ETERNITY, and then he was charged to look after the young hero. Later reveled to be a member of an evil organization, it's best not to trust Mr. Keeper.

    Mr. Keeper is a member of The Lords Of Chaos. He was instrumental in the life of Kid Eternity. His current whereabouts and activities are unknown. Mr. Keeper, it is believed, has not survived the 9th Age of Magic.

    National Comics

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    He appears in National Comics alongside Eternity though he is portrayed as a slim black man with a beard. He tries to prevent Christopher from taking a recently deceased man back to solve his murder.

    After Christopher does so, he appears before him and warns him that he's not following the rules. However, he is not allowed to explain the rules and tells him that what he's doing is dangerous before disappearing.


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