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Chase Hamilton was originally a nobody in 1920s Hollywood until he was taken under the wing of the famous film director B.D. Bloch, who was secretly a Carpathian Vampire. In exchange for fame, Hamilton had to use his influence as a celebrity to provide Bloch and his vampire entourage with regular sacrifices, typically young star-struck actresses seeking to make it big in the film industry. In this way, Hamilton became indirectly responsible for the deaths of countless innocent women.

Major Story Arcs

Big Break

In this same way, Hamilton lured in the aspiring actress Pearl Jones by inviting her to a party hosted by Bloch. Once at the party, Hamilton takes Pearl aside to meet with Bloch, only to abruptly leave after making the introductions. Pearl is then viciously attacked by Bloch and his companions, after which her body is dumped in a pit full of corpses out in the desert. Against all odds however, Pearl manages to survive long enough for her friend Hattie to find her and take her to a hospital. Doctors did not expect her to live through the night. Skinner Sweet however, the American Vampire, had taken an interest in Pearl and used his blood to turn her into another American Vampire.

Morning Star

After her awakening, Sweet gave Pearl a quick rundown of the differences between Carpathian and American vampires. He then left her to find her own way, but not before mentioning that he'd left her a present in her closet. There Pearl found a bound Chase Hamilton. Not recognizing Pearl, he begged her to help him escape. Remembering how Hamilton had simply given her to Bloch, Pearl lost herself in her rage and slaughtered the actor with her new vampire form.


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