Mr. Gold

    Character » Mr. Gold appears in 21 issues.

    Arch-enemy of Captain Canuck.

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    Mr. Gold (George Goldmann) is a wealthy and intelligent man with nearly unlimited resources and a drive for power which borders on the insane.

    He possesses his own private land equal to almost a small country with his home/work area seated above a volcano to use the natural heat of the volcano as a power source.

    Powers & Abilities

    Mr. Gold has what appears to be a cybernetic eye (though it looks more like a monocle), vast wealth and influence as well as some form of gold colored organic living weapon he can use to control others. This first appears in Captain Canuck #1 - Aleph Part 1: Black Gold; Captain Canuck Case File where Canuck finds the gold is controlling workers at an oil line. It makes humans into a zombie like state but seems to slowly burn through them, it can take on an amorphous blob like state and move freely (at least under the control of Mr. Gold).

    It is not clear as to whether this material is directly connected to a similarly colored creature named Oro (which is Italian for Gold).


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