Mr. Freeze has a few upcoming appearances

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I'm sure everyone's heard that Mr. Freeze will be turning up in Birds of Prey 18.

And it also looks like we'll be seeing him in Batwoman 18.

He hasn't shown up since Batman Annual so it's good to know we'll be seeing him again as a major force in two different upcoming stories. This is the critical time for establishing whether or not Mr. Freeze's new origin will stick or just won't work.

What're some thoughts? Excited? Nervous? Indifferent?

(Also... Ugh he still has the dang mohawk hair he had in Batman Annual. I was desperately hoping the next artist to use Freeze would shave that baby right off -.-)

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Ugh batwoman..I love how shes never mentioned anywhere in the Gotham universe other than bat girl.

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@briangsharon: A sad but true fact. Though imo she still has the best ongoing of Gotham characters at the moment so the flaw is tolerated.

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