Mr. Foley

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    Butler for Tolliver

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    Hired as a butler for Tolliver's Austrian estate.


    Introduced and then immediately killed by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Joe Madureira in 1993.

    Major Story Arcs

    Foley is hired to perform the everyday tasks for Mr. Tolliver. Living a fairly mundane life, Foley finally falls for a gal named Cheryl Marks and spends a summer with her. They seem to be the best three months of his life, as he uses her name for some of Tolliver's top secret files, including files dealing with Tolliver's will.

    After Deadpool teleports Black Tom Cassidy's mangled body to Tolliver's mansion, Tolliver instructs Foley to ship Black Tom to a genetic research facility in France. Foley relays Tolliver's instructions that deal with fusing Black Tom's body with plants.

    Foley continues to live in Tolliver's estate in Austria once the arms dealer "dies." He gives a briefcase with a diskette to Mr. Gezdbadah that deals with Tolliver's will. A cloaked stranger visits one day looking for Tolliver. Foley, along with the world, believes Tolliver to be dead and Foley states such. The stranger tells Foley that he is either ignorant or a liar. Regardless, the stranger (Sinsear) stabs Foley and leaves him to die.

    Sadly, Foley's first love ends up being Copycat. She uses her old alias to hack into Tolliver's files concerning his will.


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