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    Mr. Face is based off another public domain character known as The Face, once published by Colombia Comics. Mr. Face was created by Alex Ross for the Dynamite Comics series "Project Superpowers".

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    The Face, now known as Mr. Face was originally created by Mart Bailey. The character he created wore a frightening green mask, with flaming red hair, a vampire's white fangs and ghoulish yellow eyes. Underneath the mask was a deep blue tuxedo, which gave him more class. His character when not in costume was a man named Tony Trent. Tony's outgoing personality made him perfect for his job at a broadcasting station. Mark Baily had a great concept for a character with great visual effects, but unfortunately this character didn’t last long in the comic industry. He went from being a Columbia Comics hero in Big Shot Comics and was finally discontinued during his work with the ACE comic company. All of which are now discontinued, for their lack of popularity. Fortunately for him Alex Ross and the Dynamite Entertainment company are bringing him back along with a bunch of other defunct heroes in a new series called Project Superpowers.

    Ross: “I always liked the design of a character that has that Creeper-like quality of being a ‘good guy’ Joker. And so the effect of a man with a monster face and a tuxedo is just such a simple, cool idea that I want to take this character and do something with him—where the effect of his face has a surreal quality on people much like Count Vertigo, where it sort of throws you off in a scarecrow-like manner once he enters the room. You’re actually terrorized by the effect of that mask.”

    Love Interest

    Babs Walsh appeared in issue 74 of Big Shot Comics where The Face falls in love. She was Tony Trent's secretary for a while, but later went on to just being his girlfriend.

    Origin (1940s):

    Tony Trent becomes the Face because he was an announcer for radio station WBSC. He would speak daily of the many terrible things that occur in the town and therefore decided to become a vigilante and help to poor citizens. Avenging the city would be simpler, he thought, if he brought justice while in a mask. He thought criminals scare easily so he wore a grotesque mask to strike terror into their petite hearts. That, he figured, would suffice to startle his opponents, giving him an advantage by immobilizing them for a moment. His idea worked for several months, until the street thugs became accustomed to his face. Then Tony Trent lost the costume and fought unmasked.

    Tony's appearance is nothing out of the ordinary without the hideous mask. Being a built man with blond hair wont help you stand out in a crowd. This was probably one of the big reasons why people forgot about this once loved character.

    Project Superpowers:

    In the “Project Superpowers” series the only thing known about Mr. Face is that he was sent into a magical urn that was supposed to be filled with all of the worlds evil and once sent his hope and devotion to become a hero to the world should have stopped the urn's evils from escaping and create a utopia on Earth. Unfortunately this didn't turn out as planned and the world is still full of vile things.

    In this version of the Face he actually has powers unlike his 40s alter-ego. When he is around any one they experience their worst fears. Even he himself is under the influence of these powers, fearing that he’ll never be able to take of his mask.

    The Canadian Legion (Arcana Studio)

     In the Canadian Legion series by Arcana Studio, the Face makes an appearance as a criminal mastermind. After years of trying to change the system, Tony Trent becomes a Socialist terrorist, the mask he wears is one of 6 Masks of Sin and it has completely corrupted him. Once an ally of The Black Terror, the Face in the CL universe is now his most hated enemy.




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