Mr. E

    Character » Mr. E appears in 25 issues.

    Golden age detective and member of the World War II superhero group known as The Twelve.

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    Brief History

    Prior to becoming the costumed crime fighter, Mister E, Victor Jay was a wealthy sportsman. As Mister E, Victor hid the fact that he was Jewish from the world and fought criminals of the underworld. He sometimes fought a vampire mobster that was never given a name. As he reemerges in the modern day after being cryogenically frozen, he manages to contact the remaining members of his family. They refuse to have anything to do with him over the fact that he was so ashamed of his heritage.

    Now alone, Mr. E. has no one but the other members of The Twelve as friends.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mister E possessed no superhuman abilities but was athletic.


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