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The Bachelor of Crime!

A gang of college graduates take up a life of crime, planning and executing clever heists using their areas of expertise.

The Case of the Double Killing!

A murderer kills a wealthy man and escapes, seemingly without leaving a clue behind. His plot seems perfect, until another killer enters the game.


A short biography of two boys who helped to locate an escaped convict.

Casey the Cop

A comedy short.

Boss of the Big House

A prison guard with revolutionary ideas of prison reform rises through the ranks, earning the grudging respect of the prisoners he is charged with watching. This man, Lewis Lawes, was responsible for modernizing Sing Sing.

The Case of the 45 Degree Tightrope!

A jealous man believes he has committed the perfect murder when he rigs the tightrope of his romantic rival, causing him to die spectacularly in the middle of a stunt.

Scientific Sherlock

A short biography of Edward Oscar Heinrich, a forensic scientist.

Helicopter Ace

A short biography of Capt. Gus Crawford, who flies helicopters for the police.

The Crime File

A text story.

The State vs Harrington!

A gang of counterfeiters are arrested, and claim that the DA's aide, Harrington, has been accepting their bribes. Despite his protestations of innocence, the DA is forced to arrest and try his friend.

Cartooning Cop

A short biography of William Voges, a police officer who draws cartoons to teach road safety to children



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Story Arcs

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