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    Character » Mr. Camera appears in 13 issues.

    A Batman foe with a photography obsession.

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    Batman and Robin have a series of run-ins with a criminal known as "Mr. Camera," so-called because he wore a helmet shaped like a giant camera on his head. Mr. Camera committed several robberies, and escaped from the Dynamic Duo each time.

    Batman anticipated that Mr. Camera would attempt to steal a new 3-D camera that was going to be demonstrated in a movie theater during the movie's intermission. The Dynamic Duo attempted to capture Mr. Camera and his gang, but Mr. Camera escaped again. Batman and Robin quickly track Mr. Camera to his hideout, which is full of camera and photography equipment, including a giant, 20 foot tall movie projector. It also has one wall labeled "Crime Gallery" that appears to be covered with framed crime scene photos. Mr. Camera does his best to defeat Batman, by shining an extra hot light bulb at him. Batman responds by punching him in the face. Mr. Camera is finally captured.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    The character reemerged in 2010 for a couple of cameos on the cartoon Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and appeared in issue 14 of the Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic book. In "Captured by Mr. Camera," The Huntress is stalked by Mr. Camera. In this story, Mr. Camera has upgraded his camera helmet for the 21st century, and can now use it to see the signal from any digital camera anywhere in the world. Traffic cams, cell phones, webcams, department store security cameras, etc..., they are all at his disposal. Worse, he has become obsessed with the Huntress, and has used his camera mastery to find out her secret identity of Helena Bertinelli. He attacks her in her office at Gotham University using a hypnotic flash bulb to temporarily paralyze her. He then gets down on his knees and asks her to marry him. Then Batman crashes through the window and beats the crap out of him.


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