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Early Experiments

In the 1950's, a subdivision of the CIA called DARPA experimented on many of its members. The serum injected into the agents was intended to boost their mental capabilities. Some of the agents died in the process, but Mr. Braunze came out of it with enhanced psychic abilities such as being able to shape thoughts. After being put into a compromising situation, Braunze decided he needed to get out of DARPA. However, he realized he would be considered too valuable for DARPA to just let him go. Therefore, he implanted in their minds his death.   
Reintroduction and Rescue Mission

At first, Mr. Braunze appears to be a man merely living in April O'Neil's apartment building. However, this changes when he senses someone breaking into Casey and April's apartment. He promptly goes in after them and defeats them easily. Near the end of the fight, he reads the mind of one of the agents to discover DARPA's plans.
Braunze then meets with Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Nobody, and Casey in order to win their trust so he can help them rescue Raphael. He explains his origin to them, and then how they must go to Nevada in order to rescue Raphael. Before the meeting breaks, Braunze psychically implants the time at which they must wake up in the morning to leave for Nevada.
Once in Nevada, Braunze devises a plan that centers around Casey creating a distraction through a Schwarzenegger-like attack. Of course, Braunze implanted this image into Casey's head to the point that Casey believes he is Schwarzenegger.  
Upon breaking into the base, Braunze finds an old friend amongst all of the aliens being held. He releases his friend, and then they drive back into the base to attempt to remove the threat of the Triceraton base that has appeared. They plan on using an inter-phase cannon to phase the base into the earth's core to disintigrate it. A huge explosion occurs on the base and the turtles and others are apparently vaporized.
Leonardo awakes from the bad dream and asks Casey about Nevada only to be told that they never went to Nevada. Leonardo looks out the window to find Mr. Braunze outside, and he psyhcically tells him "goodbye, Leo." Leonardo is the only person to remember the events with Mr. Braunze, once again, successfully faking his own death.

Another Comeback

Mr. Braunze does not reappear into the turtles' lives until much later. He is brought in by Splinter to erase Shadow's Boyfriend's mind about the existence of Splinter at the Northhampton house.

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