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Morrie Bentley presumably founded Argus Pictures (As he later runs the company) and went on to make many films using the company.


Mr. Bentley was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. He first appeared in Detective Comics #40, which also featured the debut of Basil Karlo (The 1st Clayface).

Major Story Arcs

The Murders of Clayface

Mr. Bentley shows Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson around the set of "Dreadcastle", introducing them to everyone working on the project. On the first day of filming, Lorna Dane (the lead actress) is murdered by an unknown killer. Bentley shows great concern at this and suggests it may have been Roxy Brenner, a mobster who has been threatening Bentley. Bentley later provides suggestions to Batman as to who the killer could be but his guesses are all wrong as Basil Karlo is revealed to be the killer. Bentley offers Batman and Robin a chance to star in his films but they politely decline.


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