Mr. Banana Brains

    Object » Mr. Banana Brains appears in 14 issues.

    Quackerjack's "friend" and companion. He was destroyed by Negaduck, but Quackerjack created a new body out of Crimebots.

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    Quackerjack often helps the doll "talk", so that the two can have conversations together. He seems to be the only "person" who can be called a Henchmen, though is immovable being
    That Guy is Creepy
    That Guy is Creepy
    a doll.   In some respects, he is similar to Scarface
    Once, he was taken over by the supernatural entity that haunts a jack-in-the-box, known as Paddywhack (see picture to the right for image of possessed Mr. Banana Brains)
    When NegaDuck left to destroy Darkwing at his home, Quackerjack begged him to let him on it. Negaduck snapped that Quackerjack was just not mean enough for such a job. With that he ripped Mr. Banana brains into shreds, leaving Quackerjack staring down at his squandered toy.
    When he was attacked by Quackwerks Crimebots, who mentioned the sensitive issue of Negaduck, he attacked the bots with a frenzy, which impaired most of the them. He uses parts of these bots to reunite with his old friend, who was now full of hate and wires. 

    Annual Madness

    In the Darkwing duck Annual, it was revealed that someone ( megavolt) had put Mr. Banana Brains (the first one) back together and was selling him on the internet. As Darkwing needed a way to get into Quackerjack's head (scary place), he tried to buy it only to be outbid by Quackerjack's ex-girlfriend, Claire. After some persausion, Darkwing took Mr. Banana Brains to the Whiffle Boy Entertainment Headquarters to face Quackerjack. 
    In a peculiar sequence of advance and with the help of the Molecular Digitalizer, both the Original Banana Brains and the New Banana Brains faced off in a toga-war over Quackerjack (quite literally a battle between what Quackerjack had been and what he had become). Darkwing (believe it or not) came to save Quackerjack from his past and present toys, turning them back into toys.  
    In the end, Quackerjack went back to Claire's house, but could not face her. He turned himself into a toy leaving a note saying, "This is the best I'll ever be."

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