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The true identity of Mr. Abnormal is unknown but he was an obsessive collector that was determine to obtain complete sets of collectibles. He was doused with a chemical at a toy factory that had a unique reaction with his body and it provided him with special abilities. Mr. Abnormal went on a crime spree and stole rare comics, toys, trading cards, beanie babies etc before hcoming into conflict with Speedball outside a comic store where he was attempting to complete his collection of Police Comics. This attracted the attention of Spider-Girl and she and Speedball defeat Mr. Abnormal. After being defeated by the duo, Mr. Abnormal was shortly after recruited into Funny Face's villainous Savage Six team, only to be easily defeated by Spider-Girl and imprisoned. Mr. Abnormal was soon after drafted into the Redeemer program by Agent Weadon. Assigned to a SHIELD transport mission to protect 'Specimen 297', Mr. Abnormal was beaten by the Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, who was working to undermine the operation. Following this defeat, Mr. Abnormal (along with the rest of Weadon's team) were temporarily reassigned under Maria Hill's command and sent to bring in Spider-Girl for her involvement in the release of 'Specimen 297'. Finding themselves in a three-way battle with Carnage and Spider-Girl, Mr. Abnormal, Earthshaker, and Killerwatt were easily defeated by Carnage.


Mr. Abnormal was created by Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe in 1999 and first appeared in Spider-Girl # 15.

Powers & Abilities

After he was given the powers of Mr fantastic for unknown means, he is given the ability of elasticity. Using this he can stretch his body to an unknown limit.

His shapeshifting is far greater that reeds, due to his more creative imagination and is more familiar with making far more complex shapes. He is able to contort his body into literally any shape conceivable. He can even fire blowholes in rocket and missile forms through an unknown way.He can change into complex machinery like a car and a rocket and even robot forms. He can even do things reed can’t, like separate body parts, make new holes in his body, and make working machinery. He can shapeshift into things as simple as scissors and as complex as a chainsaw with no real limit.


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